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We, in ZMP INC., believe that a robot is the most suitable hadns-on material for learning basic engineering ideas for students in such disciplines as mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, control engineering, information engineering among others.

Humanoids attract a great deal of attention, and so with our [ZMP e-nuvo Series], we are looking forward to contributing most effectively to the teaching and learning of fundamental engineering skills through our four type of robots (BASIC,ARM,WHEEL,WALK).This Series include not only these advanced robots but also practical textbooks so that instructors and students can immediately use their robots in class

We are pleased to say that since 2004 our bipedal robot e-nuvo WALK (formerly known as e-nuvo V.2.5) and our e-nuvo BASIC kit (formerly experimental kit) have been well received in high schools, universities and laboratories in and outside Japan.Based on the feedback from these our users, we have perfected the robot textbooks and created new robot models, and now we are releasing them under the unified engineering practical program that we call ZMP e-nuvo series.They are independent materials so that the user has the freedom to choose the appropriate way to read them according to his needs.

We are really looking forward for teachers to use these in class!

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