Please kindly understand that the specification is liable to change without prior notice.
PINO is 70cm in height, 4.5kg in weight.
PINO has 26 motors, which correspond to the number of degree of freedom (DOF).
The mechanical structure and software of PINO are disclosed on a web site (
Standard Configuration
Servo Module 26
FController 1
potentiometer (built in motor) 26
Power Supply P
Host Computer P
Duralumin Frame P
Cover P
Cable 1
Servo motor Large Servo Module (Legs, Waist, Shoulders) 14pcsSpeed 0.23sec/60torque25.0kg-cmWeight 125gSize 59.2~28.8~49.8mmaluminum gear (high torque)-all aluminumƒÓ27aluminum servo hornSmall Servo Module (Arms, Neck) 12Speed 0.10sec/60‹Torque 8.0kg-cmWeight 55gSize 40.5~20.0~37.5mmAluminum gear -all aliminumcoreless motor
Controller P SH2 (HD64F7050 20MHz) ‚P
CPLD (EPF10K30ARC240|3) ‚P
Potentiometer Joint angle sensor(Potentiometer) 26
Power Supply P Input
Host Computer P OS RT-Linux2.2Windows2000
PC PentiumV733MHz
Duralumin Frame P  
FCover (option) P Leaser Beam Lithographyparts 30
GFCable P Small Gauge Coaxcal Cable
Coaxcal Cable~50 Power(7A)
DOF 26 Neck 2DOFs Backbone 2DOFsArms 5DOFs in eachLegs 6DOF in each
Flexibility Shake head from right to left or up and downMove upper body from side to sideraise one hand to a shoulderRaise both hands to a shoulder Waving (crook an elbow keeping up one hand or both hands)FootfallWalking (‚PfootF4cm/0.5secC2m/about30sec)
FControl Control from an external power supply via controllerSame way to power supply
@Size & Power Supply Capacity
Size Total Length 70cmWidth 32cmLeg length 30cmWeight 4.5kgController 10~20~10cmPC Note Book Style(option)Cable 5m
Power Supply Capacity 100VC15A~‚Ri3 pin wall socket with a ground

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