Car Robotics Platform RoboCar™
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Scale model car powered by robot technology

With the evolution of the automotive industry toward the next generation intelligent cars, robot and automotive systems tends to share more and more technologies, especially concerning autonomous movement. That is why we developed this 1/10 scale model platform as a teaching material for this new field of studies called car robotics.

This platform provides the required tools to study various subjects such as applied robotic technology, autonomous movement, communication between vehicles or interaction between cars and humans. It is also a perfect teaching material for universities or companies wanting to train their students or staff on control theory, realization of automated control systems or development process. This platform participates in tightening the links between education and industry. Indeed, by giving the opportunity to students to work on such a system, they will gain skills they will be able to use immediately as an engineer after graduating.


  • Complete environment detection platform
    Stereo camera image processing module, infrared distance sensors, small size laser range finder.
  • Electric car scale model
    Electric car system, MATLAB®/Simulink® interface, wireless remote control.
  • Implement user applications
    Built-in OS, communication with PC applications, wireless communication with various devices.


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  • Standard price: USD7000 (tax included)
  • Price may differ depending on options and configurations

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