connected car, telematics, CAN, robot car, autonomous driving, machine vision




[Jobs] 25 engineers for connected car, telematics, autonomous driving, robot car, machine vision, sensing system etc.
[News] Hisashi Taniguchi, CEO of ZMP, Interviewed about autonomous driving, The New York Times(2013/11/8)

"Autonomous Driving Demonstration at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013"
RoboCar HV with Laser Sensor and in-vehicle Camera

"Open platform"
Single-seater Robot-EV RoboCar® MV

RoboCar MV+CANape driving control experiment
by inter-vehicle Communication

ZMP Inc. is an international company in the field of robotics, autonomous vehicles, automotive technology, sensing technology and related areas.

Business Domain
  1. Car robotics and sensor system
  2. R&D support business
  3. Field operational test
  4. Connected Car
  5. Robots and robotic materials for engineer training


電気自動車 EV ロボットカー センサ センサー ロボット 教育 研究

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