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Let’s innovate the world and develop new products and services together with ZMP !

In ZMP, the keyword "Robot of Everything“ refers to the automotive sector, health care and logistics business. These activities are developed by ZMP’s Engineers, coming from different countries.

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Autonomous Driving

We provide a vehicle and system for development and testing for autonomous driving technology.


ZMP’s autonomous driving system consists of a various sensors such as cameras and lasers to recognize objects including static objects, pedestrian, other vehicles, and motorcycles, and judges the position of the vehicle by computing all the data from devices.

ZMP’s original framework called IZAC (Intel-ZMP Autonomous Computer) is introduced to our system. A flexible platform, IZAC, allows users to expand or modify the program depending on their purposes.

RoboCar(R) PHV/HV

RoboCar PHV/HV is a platform vehicle. You can control steering, accel,
brake by computer program. It has speed control, steering angle
control and CAN data. It has CAN I/F and APIs so you can control the
vehicle easily from your own application.
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RoboCar® PHV/HV

RoboCar® MV2

RoboCar® 1/10

Ambient environment sensing system


Machine Vision

We develop the stereo vision system "RoboVision" series for R&D of
automotive industry.
We also study single camera solutions.

Car/Pedestrian detection by machine learning using SVM

It detects cars and pedestrian and displays the distance to them by
front camera using SVM(Support Vector Machine). We use GPU for image
processing in expectation of embedded automotive device.





We will support logistics industry through innovative robots.
Work environment for women and eldery people.
We propose future lifestyle with robots by cool design in the city.



 「CarriRo」 is selected by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the Innovative Technologies 2014


Agriculture and outdoor work

We aim at implementing the autonomous mobile technology to the existing industrial machinery and vehicles while promoting the development of practical applicaton of automatic operation.
We are also engaged in the development of sensor system for obstacle dectection technology to be installed on autonomous lawn mower.


Unmanned flying robot

We are researching attitude control and sensing system for autonomous flights.


Under Development Products/Devices

CarTomo UP Bluetooth

The CAN tranciever with Bluetooth function.
You can communicate by smartphone, tablet and PC by attaching OBDII
connector of car.

CarTomo UP SIM

The CAN tranciever with SIM module.
You can communicate to the internet by attaching OBDII connector of car.




ZMP plans to promote the development of the image processing technology utilizing AI (artificial intelligence) in medical industry. We aim to contribute to the industry by improving the accuracy of diagnosis, efficiency of operation procedure, and to lower the cost. We keep challenging variety of social problems and promoting innovation in a new field. Leveraging know-how and experience in the development of our autonomous driving technology, we believe that we generate synergy effect among different fields.
For those who are interested in image processing, go to job application page.





We study human monitoring service with reasonable cost everyday and everywhere.