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ZMP® IMU-Z2 & SDK 2014

The whole body motion capture by 17 sensor.

ZMP® IMU-Z BodyMotion

It is a suitable motion sensor for measurement of a motion of human. It has equipped with a 9-axis motion sensor 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis angular velocity, three-axis geomagnetic and can be connected to up to 28 with Bluetooth (wireless) or CAN (wired). It is possible to measure in detail the movement and to be used for research and development of the user interface by attaching plural sensors to a body.

Posture estimation library which has been improved response speed and high precision by (EKF) extended Kalman filter also became available (November 5, 2013).

Agaonst for general product only the sensor body, a substantial development environment (applications, libraries, sample program) is prepared for e-ZMP ® IMU-Z2.




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ZMP® IMU-Z TinyCube 1.7g only. 6-axis sensor (Acceleration, angular velocity), Space-saving IMU-Z wired connection, Cheap edition.

Sheet type(ZMP® IMU-Z Sheet

・waterproof type(ZMP® IMU-Z Waterproof

Product information

Base package, additional sensor
Base package, additional sensor Standard package. One, three, five, 11 pieces set.
Whole body motion capture IMU-Z Body Motion
Full Length measurement set. Mounting parts and PC to a set.
Neck strap type 9-axis wireless motion sensor IMU-Z NeckStrap
9-axis sensor module of the type, weight only 19g, the neck. Improvement of the working environment, for research and experiments such as improvement of productivity. A database implementation services.
モーションセンサ モーションセンサー 加速度 ジャイロ 地磁気 センサ センサー
Waterproof and protection against dust type 9-axis wireless motion sensorIMU-Z WirelessCharge
For use in environments that are concerned about dust and rain, such as automotive vehicle.
Can be incorporated to a variety of equipment and devices.
Human Sensing Package
Set to Whole body motion capture, head potential sensor, wireless electrocardiograph.
Data logger package
The data can be acquired such as a vehicle or a small mobile outdoors , without using a PC.
MATLAB/Simulink support
In MATLAB / Simuink on sensor information collection and analysis and build applications using the 9 -axis sensor.
Thin lithium-ion battery (210mAh) + charger
Lithium battery of only 7g.
Android package
9 -axis wireless motion sensor Android-compliant. Send to smartphone tablet the behavior of the object or body . For developing applications using sensor data.
『"9-axis motion sensor to learn in the IMU-Z"』
This text can learn from the basics of data analysis method and principle of operation and function of the 9-axis sensor (3-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer, 3-axis geomagnetic sensor). By using the motion data of the actual sensor, learn how to calculate velocity, displacement, and angle. In addition, it has become a content that is easy to introduce the lesson which exercise is the theme that pretend measurement such as arms, walking.