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1/10 scale RoboCar® 1/10

 Since its launching proto type model in 2009, the latest model of RoboCar® 1/10 is well received by the vehicle manufacture, parts manufacture and research and/or educational institute.
 This latest model can fit to “on board development“、increase disk memory capacity and access to latest WI-FI. Thus RoboCar® 1/10 promote upgrading development environment and realize smooth research and development.


RoboCar®  1/10 2016

 Regarding external sensor, it is installed in-vehicle monocular camera(×1)、infrared sensor(×8)、laser range sensor at front and at rear(maximum×2、option) which are applicable to sensing of vehicle and its vehicle neighboring area. And also it is installed acceleration and gyroscope, encoder (wheel x4, motor x1, steering x1) Thus vehicle movement and mileage are recorded.
 As development environment, gathering various sensor information, speed and steering controlling and communication library are provided. By utilizing those library, customer can develop its original application without restriction.
 Thus our customer can apply to his R&D of autonomous driving (“AD”), remote-driving and sensing.

Product characteristics

    • 1/10 scale of actual vehicle can make in-room experiments.
    • Installed camera, infrared sensor, and laser range sensor(customer option)
    • Customer can develop his original application under development environment.
    • To provide sample program such as avoiding obstacles.
    • In comparison with the past product, development environment is much fulfilled and efficient/smooth development is possible.
  • Connect direct to vehicle its console, mouse and keyboard. And eligible for on-board development of GUI. (Graphical User Interface、GUI)
  • Disk-memory is to be expanded to SSD 64GB. Image data during the experiments can be accumulated.
  • Universal development environment,(Linux(Ubuntu)、C++、OpenCV), are applicable for development.
  • Electricity can be switched without systems switch-off. AC battery during the development time and installed battery in running time.
  • Fit to latest Wi-Fi(802.11ac). Decrease the restriction of connecting environment.


Image of development & experiments



Installed sensor(inclusive of option)


Product presentation by YOUTUBE