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RoboCar® MV2 2017-future generation mobility・platform for EV development

RoboCar® MV2 2017-future generation mobility・platform for EV development

RoboCar® MV2 2017 is sharing platform of Toyota COMS, the super-compact electronic vehicle (made by Toyota Auto Body Co., Ltd). And it is installed ZMP original management-controller, autonomous driving system and auto brake system. This vehicle is installed the Library which enables control of moving speed, brake and handle operation so that user can smoothly conduct R&D of application such as obstacle avoidance, autonomous driving and remote control.


RoboCar® MV2 2017 platform
(3D laser-radar installation ”customize”)

It is mostly used for vehicle and vehicle-parts companies and research division of university. Those organizations are conducting driving-assistance technology, traffic safety-protection and products/technology evaluation.


Development environment and installation

機能改善1・Control indicator lump

 Lump blinks according to the control management status of vehicle and tester can identify the status easily.

機能改善2・Touch-panel can enhance monitoring.

 Fixed tablet PC adjacent to dashboard which is easy to monitor control status.

機能改善3・on-board switch can change mode.

 On-board change from program mode to manual mode.
 Install change button at dashboard which can change mode smoothly to manual.

機能改善4・      Delivery box installation.

 Delivery box of the following size can be installed in the rear part of the vehicle.
 Maximum capacity of delivery box is 590x875x965[mm] and maximum weight of 30kg.

DSCF4326・RoboCar® MV2 2017 control PC&SDK

 Fit to operating system “Ubuntu16”
 Qt sample application is attached (through network library) and Qt program and vehicle cooperation is to be achieved.

RoboCar® MV2 2017 system structure.


RoboCar® MV2 2017 Lineup/pricing

o    RoboCar® MV2 2017 Price:ASK

RoboCar® MV2 2017 Platform, four-wheel encoder, and control PC&SDK

o    RoboCar® MV2 2017 Autoware packaging Price:ASK

RoboCar® MV2 2017 is installed Laser-radar, camera and autonomous driving software”Autoware” Vehicle can identify geographical position of own and autonomous driving!  Please refer detail to RoboCar Autoware パッケージ

Sensor (to be customized by user)

environment recognition

  • stereovision「ZMP® RoboVision2
  • laser-range sensor
  • automotive millimeter-wave radar

*For details, clickお問合せ

vehicle behaviorpositioningenvironment

o    vehicle behavior, positioning sensor「ZMP® Position&Motion2014」
(acceleration・gyroscope・terrestrial magnetism・GPS・atmospheric pressure)

pricing:standard 276,000yen(plus tax)/academic-user 190,000yen(plus tax)

driving operationbiometric information

  • full-body motion picture「ZMP® BodyMotion」
  • Transportation for aging generation, R&D of short distance transportation.
  • R&D of driving assistance technology and safety readiness
  • On-road evaluation tool of user’s company product/technology.
  • Experimental service and application for alliance of vehicle and IT.


Lists of users(as of December 2016)

college、National Institute of technology

Tohoku、Kobe、Nara Institute of technology、Yokohama National、Kogakuin、Kinki、Hiroshima City、Fukui Institute of Tech、Nihon、 Toyohashi University of technology、Kumamoto Institute、Fukui Institute、Tokyo、Kanagawa Institute、Okayama and others

Corporation and Research Institute

User-base is wide to vehicle industry and electronics industry.

RoboCar MV2 2017 specifications(sample)

Maximum passenger


Maximum loading weight

About 30[kg]

Body size

About 2.4×1.1×1.5[m]

Vehicle weight


Drive system

1X differential-motor/rear wheel drive

Front suspension

MacPherson Type coil spring

Rear suspension

Torsion beam type coil spring

Brake operating system

Hydraulic oil brake/ real-wheel hydraulic drum

Maximum power


Maximum torque


Maximum speed



lead-acid batteries

Battery charger

Plug-in charger/AC 100[V]

Full-charged driving distance

About 50[km]

standard charging hours

About 6 hours



Communication standard


Customized model


2 seater(tandem)


Millimeter-wave radar、IMU、GPS


Lithium-ion battery

User interface

iPad/ iPhone/ Android/ Windows Mobile compatible



Measuring equipment

PC for experimental operation



What is microelectronic vehicle(”micro EV”)?

By law (On-road vehicle control law), Micro EV is “mini car” category of one passenger four-wheel motorcycle. Normal driver’s license-holder can operate.

What is mini car
length maximum2.5m、width maximum1.3m、height maximum2.0m、total emission are between 20cc to 50cc、or rated power output is 0.25kW to 0.6kW. With freight space, 3 wheel or 4 wheel vehicle. By Road traffic Law, it is standard-sized vehicle、maximum legal speed limit is 60km/h. By On-road vehicle control law, it is scooter and scooter-insurance (mandatory vehicle liability insurance). Parking space certificate is not required.

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