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Research & development platform for next-generation ev mobility RoboCar® MV2

RoboCar® MV2, based on "TOYOTA coms", is a micro EV for R&D, with ZMP controller, automatic steering system and automatic braking system. Steering, accelerator and brake can be controlled by computer. By libraries which can control speed, brake and steering, users can develop applications easily like obstacle avoidance, autonomous driving and remote control. By selecting modes of RoboCar MV2, user can choose easer robot vehicle mode for autonomous driving or manual mode.

RoboCar® MV mapping & autonomous driving



System Configuration (Example)– Type B + Control PC and SDK



Specifications (Example)

Riding capacity 1 Charger Plug-in charger / AC 100 [V]
Loading weight About30[kg] Charging mileage About 50[km]
Size About2.4×1.1×1.5[m] Standard charging time About 6 hours
Weight of vehicle About410[kg] Communication Wi-Fi
Drive systemSteer system Rear-wheel drive with1 motor defFront-Wheel steer Communication standard CAN
Front Suspension McPherson type coil spring Option Vehicle Two-seater (tandem / parallel)
Rear suspension Rear end placement torsion beam type coil spring Sensor Stereo camera RoboVision for Car2, others
Braking system All-wheel hydraulic drum Power Lithium-ion battery
Maximum output 5[kw] User interface iPad / iPhone / Android / Windows Mobile application development
Maximum torque 250[N・m] Communication 3G, Wimax
Maximum torque... 60[km/h] Measuring equipment PC for experimental procedures
Power Lead-acid storage battery Appearance Paint, logo



  • RoboCar® MV2 Autonomous driving package Price:ASK
  • RoboCar® MV2 2017 + RoboCar® MV2 2017 control PC & SDK
  • RoboCar® MV2 Autoware  package Price:ASK