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As part of the research and development for the improvement and development of new vehicles, it is a service that the public road or test track, ZMP engineers makes a run of data collection products and systems.



RoboCar® PHV



• The evaluation of the pre-crash safety system using, for example, radar and camera
• The evaluation of eco-driving support technology
• The understanding of the discomfort-comfort while driving with the new control algorithm and function



Possible analysis of the in-vehicle CAN information
Data acquisition in accordance with the purpose by analyzing vehicle speed and steering, and brake, the in-vehicle CAN is possible.  (Data available will vary according to the model)
It can measure at the same time the state of the driver
It is also possible to measure a combination of sensor ECG and EEG, EMG sensors, and motion sensors.
Allows the use of high-performance data logger
Can be obtained by synchronizing video and audio · CAN. It is possible to check in detail the status of the problem occurs.
Possible suggestions of running scenarios
Based on the experience of the on-board data acquisition, suggestions of running scenarios required for data acquisition is possible.

Measurement items (example)


・Vehicle information
・Vehicle speed / wheel rotational speed
・Steering angle
・Brake stroke
・Shift position
・Engine / motor speed
・Battery / fuel level
・Driver information



Artifacts (for example)

・An experimental protocol
・Experiment specification
・Experimental data
・Experimental results report
・Project completion report


Price Options

Trial campaign : 500,000 yen ( tax not included )

For a limited time until the end of March 2014 , will be conducted trial campaign that can be done in half a day , actual vehicle experiment agency service on public roads in the research and development stage to " RoboTest ® " .
First, in order to meet the needs referred to as " want to see whether can get the data what kind " , with the use of a vehicle of the Company , which makes it possible to transfer vehicle experiment efficient in a short period of time . By then mounted with the vehicle-mounted device of driving recorder image processing system and vehicle sensors , and car navigation systems , to measure at the same time as the environment recognition other sensors , it is possible to be used in the evaluation of research and development .


      Acquired data
      ( Vehicle speed , accelerator pedal , brake pedal , steering wheel turning angle , shift position ) vehicle information
      Laser range sensor ( 1 places)
      Camera image (1ch)
      ※ distance 30km, or , up to 2 hours measurement time
      ※ delivery data will be each sensor data time series
      ※ processing of data , such as adding or environment recognition sensor and millimeter wave is also available.
      Please contact us separately for details .
      To run data collection on public roads
      Experiments on equipment and vehicle sensor , to test
      The evaluation of the image processing system
      4.7 million yen when performing a running 10 experiments in five vehicle (excluding tax ) -
We will adjust the experiment content, depending change of subject persons / number of vehicles / number of running times, the addition of measurement items, data storage to the cloud system, and the use of user-owned vehicles and like equipment, the needs of our customers. Please contact us for more information.