Life Robot Brothers - low speed Autonomous Driving robots -

Single-Seater Robot RakuRo
A mobility partner that makes traveling easier. We are recruiting partners to commercialize.
Delivery Robot DeliRo
Unmanned delivery robot solves the last mile logistics problem
Autonomous Driving security robot PATORO
Autonomous driving security robot that can run indoors and outdoors

CarriRo Creation

Logistics support robot CarriRo®
Efficient logistics with an assist function and follow-up function
CarriRo FD
Simple model with assist function and follow-up function
CarriRo AD
Model equipped with autonomous movement function using landmarks
CarriRo® AD+
A heavy-duty model that can handle a maximum payload of 800kg which is more than twice the capacity of the previous model
Autonomous forklift CarriRo® Fork
Realization of automation in cooperation with Autonomous forklift CarriRo®​ AD +
​ ​using Autonomous Driving technology

RoboCar Innovation

RoboCar EV Bus
Compact EV bus-based Autonomous Driving vehicle platform
RoboCar® SUV
Commercially available SUV-based Autonomous driving vehicle platform
RoboCar® MiniVan
Commercially available hybrid minivan based Autonomous Driving vehicle development platform
RoboCar® MV 2
Single-seat electric vehicle base autonomous driving development platform
RoboCar® 1/10
Program controllable platform of radio control car type
Autoware deployment options
Open source software for Linux and ROS-based autonomous operation system

Sensors & Development Tools

Stereo camera & sensor

Stereo camera RoboVision
RoboVision® 2s
Super high sensitivity stereo camera system compatible with ranging and object detection software
RoboVision® 3
A stereo camera capable of sensing a distance of up to 150 m and horizontal 110 ° field of view​ ​
RoboSense 3D-LiDAR
Two types of 16-beam and 32-beam Lidar capable of entire circumference scanning with a horizontal viewing angle in 360 degrees
Konica Minolta 3D-LiDAR
24-beam Lidar capable of wide-range scanning with a horizontal directional viewing angle ranges 120 degrees at maximum

Acceleration sensor

9-axis motion sensor that can be measured by wireless or wired
IMU-Z Cube
Small 6-axis motion sensor capable of measuring acceleration up to 400 G

GPS sensor

GPS / pressure integrated position sensor capable of CAN output
Position & Motion
Sensor package capable of simultaneous measurement of vehicle position, behavior and environment
RTK Position-Z
Position sensor that can measure position with centi-order using RTK

CAN measurement

2 channel CAN simultaneous connection small CAN USB interface
Cartomo UP PRO
Transceiver capable of Bluetooth communication compatible with CAN communication (2 channels)
Cartomo UP USB
A CAN measuring instrument that can measure large-capacity CAN data with a USB wired connection

Biological and vital sensors

Body Motion
A motion capture system that can measure motion of whole body using IMU-Z2​ ​
Approximately 15 g, an electrocardiograph capable of wireless measurement with a small size and light weight​ ​
Wearable heart rate sensor
13 g, continuous 7-day data measurement heart rate sensor​ ​

Development Tools & Logger

Automotive power supply unit

Power Unit-Z
In-vehicle power supply device that can supply 100V up to 1500W. Realizes long-term measurement by connecting to the power generator of the vehicle

Research and development robots

Mobile truck platform for research and development that can carry up to 100kg with two independent motors
Research platform to promote understanding of group control and realize wide range of possibilities
Khepera IV
Small autonomous mobile robot equipped with camera, infrared sensor, ultrasonic sensor

High-function data logger & PC

Fanless high-performance PC
Latest model Automotive fanless PC series Nuvo-5100 VTC series
MIL standard compliant shockproof PC
Environment resistant GPU system PC ideal for Autonomous driving​ ​
and Robot Research development

Surveying service

Autonomous flight drone AEROBO
Fully Autonomous Drone AS-MC02-P
work fully automated from take-off to landing
Anti-alarm sign with GPS function with RTK accuracy.
Significant reduction of surveying man-hour and data processing man-hour
AEROBO cloud
Provide applications for drone such as surveying

IZAC Revolution

Autonomous driving application support service
Services that apply Autonomous driving technology to customer's development by using IZAC®, Autonomous driving platform developed by ZMP

RoboTest® solution

Services corresponding to various tasks related to running test & traveling data acquisition
Robo Data Logger
One-click measurement of multiple sensors such as CAN measurement, camera, LiDAR, biometric sensor
A data analysis tool that can efficiently check long-running data with analysis algorithms