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New model CarriRo® AD+ with a maximum payload of 800 kg

CarriRo® AD+ is a heavy duty model of CarriRo® AD (Autonomous Movement model).
The conventional CarriRo® AD can handle a maximum load of 150 kg or a traction of 300 kg, while the CarriRo® AD+ allows a maximum load of 200 kg and a traction of 600 kg.

The CarriRo® AD+ is available in two types: a cart type with a conventional handle, and a pallet loading type in which the handle is removed and sneaks it under the pallet trolley.

The pallet loading type is equipped with a function to automatically detach the pallet truck at a specific location and a remote control function that allows the operator to operate with a tablet while on a forklift.

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・ Simultaneous release in two types: trolley type and pallet loading type
・ The truck type can tow upto 600 kg and load upto 200 kg, conveying up to 800 kg
・ Pallet loading type has no handle, sinks into a dedicated pallet truck and loads 600 kg of pallet
・ Pallet cart can be removed automatically
・ Remote operation using the CarriRo® Pippi tablet (can be operated while riding a forklift)


1. Pallet truck dive + automatic desorption

・ Pallet loading type sinks into dedicated pallet truck
・ Specify the destination and automatically detach the pallet truck at the destination
・ Even without a forklift, it can be transported without stopping CarriRo® operation

2. Remote operation with tablet

・ CarriRo® AD+ can be operated remotely using the tablet app "CarriRo® Pippi" instead of the conventional handle.
・ Makes it possible to operate the CarriRo® while riding a forklift, contributing to smooth operation.
Example of operation
① Mode switching: Stand-alone movement mode, Karugamo mode, Neutral mode, Parking mode
② Drive mode operation: Front / Back / Left / Right & Left / Right
③ Independent movement mode operation: Start, pause
④ Emergency stop

Operation scene

Bogie type

Double the transport efficiency that is twice the capacity of the current CarriRo® AD model
Enables the following operations that have been limited in use due to weight restrictions
① Multiple carts, slim cart towing (attachments between carts can also be provided)
② Pallet transport by hand lift towing

Pallet loading type

Labor saving of pallet transport. Reduce the number of forklifts and reduce the number of operators

Introduction plan

·​ ​CarriRo® AD + (cart type)
5-year lease 73,000 JPY / month
·​ ​CarriRo® AD + (pallet loading type)
5-year lease 83,000 JPY / month

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