CarriRo® FD (Following model)

This model is equipped with a drive and tracking function.

34,000 JPY / unit
* Monthly / 5 year lease
* In case of purchase, a separate quote is made.

CarriRo® AD (Autonomous Moving mode model)

This model is equipped with Driving, Following and Autonomous moving functions

52,000 JPY / unit
* Monthly / 5 year lease
* In case of purchase, a separate quote is made.

CarriRo® AD+

Upgraded version of CarriRo®AD (Autonomous​ ​
Moving mode model) for heavy duty use

73,000 JPY / unit (cart type)
82,000 JPY / unit (pallet loading type)

* Monthly / 5 year lease
* In case of purchase, a separate quote is made.

Landmark * For CarriRo® AD

Landmark / Protective Film

CarriRo AD and AD + automatically run by reading the landmarks on the floor.
There are two types of landmarks, “Fixed” and “Variable”, so you can choose what you need according to your business.

-Fixed landmark-

Simple and easy-to-understand notation such as straight, left / right, U-turn, pause, etc., for customers who want to use it easily.

-Variable landmark-

Alphabets are used here. It is possible to recognize multiple driving instruction information as a pattern through the tablet for alphabet and can be changed each time.

-Landmark protective film-

If there is a need to increase the durability of landmarks, such as when a lot of forklifts are running, a protective film is also available.

Additional 30,000 JPY / 10 sheets, 1 set
Protective film 20,000 JPY / 10 sheets, 1 set

* 30 landmarks are included for each CarriRo® AD.

Related Products

For customers who are towing slim carts and carts

One-touch towing (Cart specification)

An attachment for towing the cart with a single touch.

80,000 JPY / piece

Rear wheel fixing attachment

Attachment for fixing the rear wheel of a 4-wheel free cart.

30,000 JPY / piece

One-touch towing (slim cart specification)

Attachment for towing to a slim cart with one touch.

80,000 JPY / piece

Inter-cart linkage attachment
(Slim cart)

Attachment is between several carts or slim carts when transporting multiple units.

30,000 JPY / piece

For customers transporting hand lifts

Attachment for towing the handlift. The CarriRo® side of the standard traction attachment is required.

50,000 JPY / piece

Loading on the carrier and transporting

Shelf options

Create a shelf on the carrier.

Over 50,000 JPY / piece

Luggage slip sheet

It is a sheet that prevents load slipping on the loading platform.

30,000 JPY / piece


It operates while driving and communicates with the surroundings with light.

Over 50,000 JPY / piece


Maintenance plan

Reliable total support plan
Extension of the product warranty to the second year

Minimum plan (1 year contract) Monthly 15,000 JPY / unit​ ​
Basic plan (3-5 year contract) Monthly 10,000 JPY / unit

CarriRo® Pippi
(Dedicated application for tablets)


A tablet application for the users to customize the CarriRo®.
This tool enables detailed settings and self-maintenance.

<Usage fee>
CarriRo® FD Pippi: Monthly 3,000 JPY / unit
* Free of charge for simultaneous maintenance and subscription
CarriRo® AD Pippi: Monthly 10,000 JPY / unit
*Monthly 3,000 JPY / unit for maintenance and simultaneous subscription

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