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Autonomous Forklift CarriRo Fork Walkie Type

CarriRo Fork Walkie Type is one of the lineup of Autonomous forklift CarriRo Fork.

What is an Autonomous forklift CarriRo Fork walkie-type

This is an Autonomous electric forklift truck that applies the Autonomous Driving technology developed by ZMP.
Equipped with a sensor that recognizes the position and mounting state of the fork hole when the fork is mounted, the pallet can be transported more reliably.

可搬重量は650kg、移動速度は無積載時5.4km/h, 積載時3.6km/hに設定が可能です。


Concept Video:​ ​

The video explains the functions and features of the Autonomous forklift CarriRo® Fork based on the sensors installed on the actual machine.

Features and Functions demo video

Operation video

Product Specifications

Body dimensions 全長2540mm×全幅1050mm×全高2165mm
Payload ~650kg
Maximum speed 5.4km/h without load, 3.6km/h with load
停止精度 ±20mm
Vehicle weight 2167kg(標準蓄電池を含む)
Safety function Laser detection, infrared sensor detection, bumper sensor, etc.

Autonomous Forklift CarriRo Fork Price

Currently, it is sold as a 5-year lease.

CarriRo Fork (Walkie type): 226,000 JPY (excluding tax) per month / 1 unit for 5-year lease

* We opt to offer the purchase option. Prices may change without prior notice.

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