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Autonomous Driving EV towing vehicle CarriRo Tractor 2.5T (2.5-ton type)

What is the CarriRo Tractor 2.5T Autonomous Driving EV towing vehicle?

It is an Autonomous Driving electric towing vehicle that applies the Autonomous Driving technology developed by ZMP.
The Autonomous towing vehicle CarriRo Tractor can be used both indoors and outdoors and can be automatically driven by setting a route on a predetermined map, so it can be used instead of a forklift or a yard carrier. It can be used for labor saving in transportation work.

It can also be used in the warehouses and logistics center when carrying out pallet transportation work in a lump.

Product Specifications

Body dimensions W 1080 mm x H 1480 mm x D 1800 mm
Type Tow type
Induction method Inertial guidance system
Driving method Autonomous/manual switchable
Vehicle weight 700㎏
Payload 2500㎏
Speed Autonomous: 0.6-2.5 km/h (10-42 m/min)
Manual: 0.6-3.2 km/h (10-54 m/min)

Inclination angle
Up to 5 degrees

Price of Autonomous Driving EV towing car CarriRo Tractor 2.5T (2.5-ton type)

・ *Please contact us for the price of CarriRo Tractor 2.5T (2.5 ton type)

This product is scheduled to be released within 2020, and information such as demonstration of the actual machine, price will be​ ​
announced at ZMP World 2020 which is to be held in August 2020.

We hope you join us in ZMP World 2020.

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