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Autonomous Driving EV towing car CarriRo Tractor 25T (25-ton type)

What is a CarriRo Tractor?

As a solution to the labor shortage that has been a problem in various industries, and in response to the increasing need for work without human intervention these days, there is a high expectation for automation of cargo transportation.

ZMP has developed a computer-controlled Autonomous Driving EV towing car CarriRo Tractor, equipped with IZAC, which is the brain of ZMP's Autonomous Driving, and provides it as an Autonomous Driving vehicle that can pull up to 25 tons of cargo in an unmanned state.

EV towing tractor CarriRo Tractor 25T(*)
CarriRo Tractor contributes to the automation of the movement of goods in the scenes such as container transportation at the airport, transportation of parts and materials between buildings on the factory premises, and transportation of goods at the port.
(*) A sensor module will be installed separately on the roof.

Features of Autonomous Driving EV towing car CarriRo Tractor 25T (25-ton type)

CarriRo Tractor depicting size measurements
The CarriRo Tractor 25T features a compact body with a total length of 3300 mm, a width of 1230 mm and a height of 1900 mm.

The maximum towable weight is 25 tons.

In addition, self-positioning technology that utilizes sensors such as 3D-LiDAR and GPS mounted on the front allows Autonomous Driving without changing the infrastructure environment.

In Autonomous driving, you can control the vehicle such as running, turning, and stopping, recognize obstacles, and use the cloud system ROBO-HI to perform remote monitoring and remote commands.



Specifications of Autonomous Driving EV towing vehicle CarriRo Tractor 25T (25-ton type)

Vehicle used ZMP CarriRo Tractor
Overall length x width x height 3.3m / 1.23m / 1.9m
Vehicle weight 3,250kg
Maximum speed Non-towing: 20km / h Towing: 15km / h
Towing capacity 25t
Autonomous Driving method Autonomous (without changing the infrastructure)
Basic function Self-position estimation, obstacle recognition, vehicle control,​ ​

manual mode & automatic control mode switching, etc.

Price of Autonomous Driving EV towing car CarriRo Tractor 25T (25 ton type)

CarriRo Tractor 25T (25 ton type) complete set cost over 36 million JPY

- In addition, initial costs for creating maps for Autonomous driving and on-site adjustments, operation monitoring system and maintenance costs are required separately.

Looking for partners to introduce Autonomous Driving EV towing vehicle

At present, AiRO Inc. a joint venture of Marubeni Corporation and ZMP, participated in a demonstration test related to Autonomous driving in the restricted area of the airport sponsored by the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, using CarriRo Tractor. We are planning to carry out a freight transport demonstration test at Narita International Airport and Kansai International Airport.​ ​

We are looking for a CarriRo Tractor introduction partner who is considering automating transportation work not only in airport, also in the transportation of parts and materials between buildings on the factory premises and container transportation at the port.


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