Logistics Operations Service Co., Ltd.​ ​

Logistics Operations Service Co., Ltd.​ ​


East Japan Logistics Division Executive officer Hirano

Company Introduction

Logistics Operation Service Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 as a functional company of cargo handling and office work in the Sony Group. After that, it entered under the Mitsui warehouse group. As the main business, we carry out logistics in the factory, import and export clerks in the factory, cargo handling and office work of the distribution center. Recently, we are actively doing logistics operations other than both groups, and recently we are focusing on a system of flow line management including WMS and ABC management using RFID aiming at a comprehensive logistics company​ ​

Business issues

The company's largest logistics center in the country has a wide range of picking work areas, so it takes 30,000 steps for a worker per day. Hence,reducing the burden on workers was a big challenge.Introducing a flow line management system,we are trying to shorten the walking distance, but round trip between the picking area and the inspection place has inevitably occurred.We have made improvements by changing locations, arranging shelves, etc. However,all of these measures have limitations and then we decided to introduce CarriRo®.

Reason for introducing CarriRo®

We aimed to create an environment where worker’s workload was reduced, and human resources were easy to settle. However, in terms of the simplicity of change in the transfer line, introduction of CarriRo is outstanding. As an introduction method, workers in each picking area were asked to concentrate only on picking and transport to the picking area and the inspection place was carried out by using the autonomous movement model of the CarriRo attached to the basket. In addition, we attached a cage to the follow-up model (Karugamo mode) to try to double the function. Since it is urgent to improve the work environment and establish human resources, the introduction of the CarriRo to reduce the physical burden of the worker is very effective. Also, the ease of operation is one of the reasons to introduce CarriRo.It can be used by workers at the site without the need of any prior knowledge.

The effectiveness after introducing CarriRo

Although it is still a long way to introduce, the walking distance of workers has been dramatically shortened. There is no round-trip between picking area and checking place, Physical and mental burden of the workers are reduced. We planned to compare the data before introduction and after introduction and verified the effect of reducing man-hours, plan KPI and also plan to further improve efficiency.

CarriRo Future development

Currently, we are using the CarriRo only at the distribution center, but we plan to use it even at the factory premises. Effects can be expected by conveying parts such as accepted parts to the production line. Since the place for deliver differs according to the day CarriRo has the function to change the transport route easily by using the variable type of landmark, so we expect to reduce the number of large steps.

Layout of the premises



Carriro® FD:Monthly 34,000 JPY / 1 unit
Carriro® AD:Monthly 52,000 JPY / 1 unit
Carriro® AD+(Trolley type):Monthly 73,000 JPY / 1 unit
Carriro® AD+(Pallet loading type):Monthly 82,000 JPY / 1 unit


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