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By making a plurality of calibrators follow, it leads to an increase in the conveyance amount than the previous trolley,
We expect to shorten total conveying distance and increase productivity.

Mr. Imai Corporate Planning Department

About Property Logistics Solutions Co., Ltd.

Our company was founded in 1987. The main business is using the nationwide network from Hokkaido to Kyushu to provide stable supplies of goods to convenience stores. We operate a nationwide trunk line logistics that corresponds to multiple temperature zones and a joint distribution logistics center in the region to provide our customers with high quality integrated logistics service and safety and security from raw materials and products from producers to consumers .

Business Issues

Although our company operates logistics centers throughout the country, securing and establishing human resources at many distribution centers is an issue. There are also many heavy items in the products handled at the distribution center, especially for women and elderly people there are many physical hard work. In a large-scale distribution center, there is a situation in which the distance of carrying heavy objects is long, and the worker has to walk around the warehouse while pushing the truck carrying the heavy load and walk around.
For that reason, it is not just a distribution center that does not settle even when people come in and access is also good in terms of location, so it is an issue that people will not gather even if we recruit talented people.
Therefore, it is an urgent task to reduce work burden on workers and to improve work environment so that personnel can be established by improving per capita productivity so that logistics center can be operated.

Reason why CarriRo was chosen

We have listed efforts for innovation as an important issue, and we aimed to introduce caliro tests and lead to improvement in the center storehouse. Especially, I put maximum emphasis on reducing the workload of workers to create an environment where human resources are easy to establish, and raising per capita productivity.
CarriRo leads to the reduction of work burden on workers and labor saving, and it is a point that felt the greatest appeal. In addition, we decided to introduce CarriRo in the examination of AGV etc.
As a deciding factor for introduction, as well as reduction of work burden, it was possible to cope with changing conveying wires every time, and it was low hurdle to introduction. Our center carries multiple items by one conveyance, and the conductors to be conveyed change each time. We can not cope with change of the conveying conductor with the type of conveying machine which applies the tape to the floor, but we thought that because the carillo follows people, it can also cope with complicated conveying conductors.
Also, the ease of operation is one of the reasons for deciding the introduction. Ease of operation was also an important point to continue to use for site workers after introduction, but since the operation method was simple, the time to get used to operations was also less .

Layout External view
How to use CarriRo

It is in the process of verifying the use as a transportation application using Following mode while collaborating with the site manager.
If we can realize towing and transporting of the trolley, it will contribute to the reduction of burden on workers and prevention of collapse of products.
【Outline view of our chilled center】

Effect after Introduction

We introduced five CarriRo in August 2016. We collaborated with site managers and continue to verify effectiveness while comparing with the trolley currently in use. As a result of the verification so far, it was found that by using CarriRo's Following mode, the effect can be expected by pulling the trolly and use it for transportation. While examining the balance with the actual operation of the center, we would like to advance the examination.
The expected effect is that workers do not have to walk by pushing the trolly after the usage of CarriRo in the Following mode, so that they can be transported by free hand. By doing so, you can achieve the original objective of reducing workload. In terms of productivity, we expect that by tracking more than one CarriRo, it will lead to an increase in the amount of transport than previous trucks, which will shorten the total transport distance and increase productivity.

Next Deployment

Currently,considering the opinion of in-store workers at the distribution center and exchange opinions on how to use. Especially, we are considering using CarriRo's Following mode to carry other trucks. Regarding the towing function, we are also interested in other logistics centers and are planning to expand the operation of CarriRo that specializes in towing function.
In addition, there is a possibility that it can be used for other tasks, so we are going to try it with the workers at the site.


5 year lease
Following model:Monthly 28,000 yen / 1 unit
”Autonomous Moving" mode model:Monthly 52,000 yen / 1 unit

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