Gworker limited company

The work that was divided into two processes was combined into one process by using CarriRo®,
and the number of workers was reduced from two to one.​ ​
Representative Executive Officer Toshifumi Sakai

Company Introduction

Gworker was established in 2012, and have been handling beverage logistics for major mail-order since 2014, and is currently developing a logistics business centered on Kanagawa and Saitama.

Business issues

It is important to subdivide each job and make the work monotonous at the logistics site, but as the number of processes increases, more workers are required.
In the past, we had assigned different workers for the system processing work and the subsequent transport (storage) of the received goods.
Previously, the waiting time until input was completed and the subsequent storage time required more than twice as much time and personnel.
In addition, there was a case where the system input person had to go directly to check the storage space availability.

Reason for introducing CarriRo®

CarriRo® Karugamo feature was very attractive.
Once we saw the demonstration in the warehouse, and immediately realized the image of utilization.
Later, we introduced one at the center of Kanagawa and confirmed that it could be used according to the image and added two more, and introduced five to the center of Saitama and now a total of eight CarriRo®'s are used.

The effectiveness after introducing CarriRo

Up to now, the system processing of incoming goods and the storage work with a forklift, which had been divided into two processes, could be combined into one process by using a CarriRo®.
The workers who needed two people for "direct storage" of the received packages are now completed by one person.

CarriRo Future development

Complete automation requires enormous space and logistics costs, and we believe that the current robot situation cannot meet the requirements of 3PL like us.
Therefore, semi-automation is the most familiar end point / improvement point now, and robots such as CarriRo® enter the site reducing the number of steps per person and reduce the power work.
The continued challenge is to create an environment where employees can easily get used to work.
Currently, models with increased payload are being developed, so if a new model comes out, the types of luggage that can be handled will increase and the burden on workers will be further reduced.


5 year lease
Carriro® FD:Monthly 34,000 JPY / 1 unit
Carriro® AD:Monthly 52,000 JPY / 1 unit
Carriro® AD+(Trolley type):Monthly 73,000 JPY / 1 unit
Carriro® AD+(Pallet loading type):Monthly 82,000 JPY / 1 unit

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