Jingdong Group

Jingdong Group

Introduced aiming for efficient logistics work in warehouse
Reduction of workload by workers, cost savings through labor saving

Company Introduction

The Jingdong Group was established in Beijing in 1998 is listed on the Nasdaq in 2014 and now has the top ten EC Market shares in the world.

A leading company with 140,000 employees and approximately 260 million users, with EC mall operations and direct sales online, with a total transaction value of approximately 15.8 trillion yen in 2016, and sales of Japanese products also increased by more than 110% compared with previous year.With its collaboration strategy with Tencent,a Chinese multinational investment holding conglomerate, the company has more than 900 million potential users.
In addition, we are working on environment improvement for business expansion, such as making sales promotion proposal integrating data of EC and SNS by utilizing Big Data.

Tokyo Business Division Project manager mentioned about the introduction of CarriRo® as "Development and Promotion of AI Technology", "Measures to Increase Workload and Increase Personnel Expenses" and "Search for Technology Collaboration"​ ​

CarriRo® introduction is expected to reduce the workload of workers in the warehouse. In addition, "I'd like to consider the possibility of technical collaboration with automated carts (super carts) for the future unmanned supermarkets."


5 year lease
Carriro FD:月額34,000円~ / 1台
Carriro AD:月額52,000円~ / 1台
Carriro AD+(台車タイプ):月額73,000円~ / 1台
Carriro AD+(パレット積載タイプ):月額82,000円~ / 1台

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