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After introduction, our company can reduce the number of round trips per day,
We are reducing the burden on workers and reducing work man-hours.

Mr. Iwasaki, Manager, Production Technology & Production Management Group KPS Promotion Dept.

Business Issues

【Problems on our campus logistics】
- In order to cope with multifarious small volume production, materials and parts to be supplied to each line of the factory are handled by hand in part. Especially, because transport between buildings can not use AGV, the number of walks per day of transport operators is large, transportation work has occurred for many round trips, and human transportation has been a problem.

【Transportation example】
- Place materials and parts on the push cart, supply them to each production line, and collect used empty containers.
- Transportation of finished product dedicated carriage to shipping area and supply of empty finished product block to the line.
- Supply work-in-progress produced by large equipment to the adjacent factory.

Reason why CarriRo was chosen

[Introduction aim]
- Improvement of labor environment of in-house transportation carriers (safety).
- Reduction in the number of expected times of transportation , and labor saving.

[Reason for judging introduction]
- Multiple carriages can be transported at a time.
- It can be transported without fixing the transportation route i.e, without laying the magnetic tape on the floor surface.
- Following workers, transportation is possible even with complicated routes.
- In the near future, once an autonomous running model of CarriRo is developed, it is possible to solve the problem which could not be done by AGV which we currently operate within our company.
(Our AGV is operating within the floor of the factory.The transport between the buildings passing under the shed can not be realized due to the characteristics of AGV.The magnetic tape is laid on the transport route .We have to operate, taking into account cost and safety.

Layout External view

Currently CarriRo is used for loading purposes, and using it under the supervision of our company.
Please contact us if you are using CarriRo for towing applications.

Effect after Introduction

We introduced CarriRo in November 2016, about 10 months have elapsed.
The characteristic of our company, is that the aisle is narrow and we started the operation on the transport route between factories.
Immediately after introduction, we asked ZMP to improve the quality of the performance, and they improved it. The current CarriRo follows up without losing sight of the carrier who leads at the turn corner without being left behind even when the carrying person's walk fast.
After introduction, our company was able to reduce the number of round trip transportation work per day, reducing the burden on workers and reducing work man-hours.

Next Deployment

Currently, we are introducing three at two production bases in Japan.
Also, since autonomous mobile CarriRo has high operation needs within our company, we expect to lease soon.


5 year lease
Monthly 28,000 yen / 1 unit

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