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By introducing CarriRo, the load can be carried up to three times as much as the conventional one at one time, thus route integration becomes possible,
It is assumed that operation can be performed with optimum personnel while maintaining JIT.

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About NEC Fielding

We have been supporting social infrastructure and IT platform for more than 60 years.
We provide a variety of services to answer your requests by "activities of customer base closely tied to customer's site" and support business.

In recent years, we have focused on outsourcing business, there is no support base nationwide and it is impossible to respond promptly, because after sales service is also concurrently held by sales person, we can not focus on original sales activities nationwide.By utilizing a service base network, we are contributing in solving customer problems and increasing sales.

Business Issues

It was necessary to respond to the anticipated labor shortage in the future and work to secure further labor force. Currently, it is assumed that the proportion of over 50s in all employees accounts for 28.3%, and in 2026 it is 62.6%, which accounts for a sharp increase in the proportion of over 50s. For that reason, we had to look forward to the future from this stage and take action.

At the Kawasaki Technical Center, the core logistics center that introduced CarriRo, we are continuously reviewing work efficiency and facilitation, including the adoption of the Toyota production system from 2005, with a view to aging in the future. We were seeking measures to improve efficiency.

Reason why CarriRo was chosen

There are two main reasons for introducing: 1. easy operation 2. introduction can be done without changing the existing environment as much as possible.

1. 簡単に動作できる点については将来の高齢化を想定すると、当然のことながら“誰でも”“簡単に”操作できなければなりません。その点CarriRoは、誰でも簡単に操作できていました。

2. 既存環境を極力変えずに導入できる点についてはCarriRoの大きな魅力だと思います。大型ロボットの導入となった場合、大幅なライン変更や配置変更をしなければなりませんが、CarriRo導入時に大幅な変更なく、導入が容易に行えたというのは非常に助かりました。

Layout External view

<Traveling video from A point to B location>

Effect after Introduction

<Expected effect prospect>
We are aiming to optimize the operation of inter-process physical distribution operation of the Kawasaki Technical Center.

Currently, we are introducing it in some areas, and we anticipate efficiency of workers.

Concretely, we had conventionally circulated different routes at the same time by multiple workers, but by introducing the CarriRo, we can carry loads up to 3 times as much as the conventional one at once, so we can integrate the route, maintain JIT even though it is supposed to be possible to operate with the optimum personnel.

Next Deployment

Currently, only a part of the floor of the Kawasaki Technical Center utilizes CarriRo, but we are planning to introduce CarriRo operation throughout Kawasaki Technical Center.

Also, by utilizing the technology such as CarriRo and RFID together, we will be able to explore when, where, who,what inventory · warehousing · inventory management and the work efficiency can be improved.

Eventually, we will aim for a warehouse that is fully automated which allows people and robots to work efficiently.


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