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Work with automatic doors, lifts, etc., achieving zero transport time between points
Mr. Yotsuya General Manager, Manufacturing Technology Division

Company Introduction

Rising Co., Ltd. is engaged in EMS / ODM production, and supports both hardware and software, such as procurement of electronics and mechanical parts, and production of jigs for finished machines and board inspection jigs. For more information, please visit our website.

Business issues

The number of parts of manufactured products has increased by more than 1000 units of a model, and the production has been increased, and it has been difficult to be handled.
The new factory has work at the second floor and reception and product shipments at the first floor, so it takes a long time for transfer due to waiting for lifts, etc.
For the above reasons, it was absolutely necessary to transport parts and products completely unattended.

Reason for introducing CarriRo®

In addition, since the travel route is very long, using AGV guided by magnetic tape is expected that the tape will take a lot of time to set the route.​ ​
In addition, because there were many transportation destinations such as materials, manufacturing, and packing processes, it was also a concern that route setting would be difficult.

​ ​CarriRo® AD travel route setting is easy, and flexible route setting can be easily done by the terminal, which is the reason for the introduction.

In addition, CarriRo® AD was designed to be able to be linked with external devices with simple settings, which was also a deciding factor in the introduction. The high level application from user side can sent location information wirelessly from CarriRo®, and it could be used for various applications by linking with a lift or an automatic door.

The effectiveness after introducing CarriRo

Earlier before the introduction of CarriRo®,workers used to transport parts and finished products to the respective destination, since the introduction of CarriRo®, it can move the goods which reduced the human labour and work time to almost zero.

Also, Since it is linked with the automatic door and lift, it can be carried out automatically without manual intervention when the CarriRo® enters the room.

CarriRo Future development

Currently, three units are operating at the Matsusaka Plant, but we will consider expansion to other plants.

Layout of the premises


5 year lease
Carriro FD:月額34,000円~ / 1台
Carriro AD:月額52,000円~ / 1台
Carriro AD+(台車タイプ):月額73,000円~ / 1台
Carriro AD+(パレット積載タイプ):月額82,000円~ / 1台

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