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Alteration to our specifications is also being promoted with ZMP's cooperation.
Because it seems that effect can be expected not only on desk calculation but also on actual operation result in terms of productivity,
The goal is to switch all applicable businesses to CarriRo.

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Company Introduction

Sony SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFACTURING CO., LTD is a company engaged in the design, development, manufacturing and customer service of semiconductor products and has seven production bases in Japan (As of October 1, 2017, the number of employees is about 9,100 people). Among them, Kumamoto Technology Center (Kikuyo Town, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture), Head office, mainly produces image sensors and display devices for digital cameras and surveillance cameras.

Business challenges before introducing CarriRo

At our company, we are working on realizing monozukuri customers who are pleased with our customers by creating unique products that utilize differentiation technologies and combining speed and speed with development and production. As preparation for the 4th industrial revolution accompanying the progress of IoT, we are accelerating the automation efforts to improve the added value of indirect operations to support production activities as well as production sites.

Reason for introducing CarriRo

CarriRo introduced as a part of activities aiming to fully automate indirect tasks that support production activities such as cargo handling, transportation, stockhandling and so on. We focused on transporting parts from the delivery place to the warehouse and improved it. Initially we considered introducing a transportation system such as automatic sorting conveyor, but decided to introduce CarriRo from the viewpoint of space constraints and introduction cost. We put emphasis on ease of introduction as well as being able to deal with conveying wires that change each time as well as workload reduction. In transport machines of the type with tapes on the floor, it is difficult to change the conveying conductors every time, but since CarriRo keeps track of people, it is also possible to cope with complex conveying wires. Also, ease of operation is one of the reasons for deciding the introduction. Even if it is introduced, it is meaningless unless you can use it by the workers at the site. Since CarriRo can get accustomed to operation in a short time.

Effect after introduction of CarriRo

About a year has passed since we purchased CarriRo. Originally we did not meet our required specifications, but we worked with ZMP to kick off improvement projects and continue improving to introduce production within FY 2017. Details on work at CarriRo are settled, and we are promoting reconstruction to our specification with ZMP's cooperation. It seems likely to be effective in terms of productivity, so we are aiming to switch to all of the business concerned to CarriRo. By using it in the Karugamo mode, workers can now transport them with multiple trucks. It seems that the original objective of increasing material transport efficiency will be achieved. In terms of productivity as well, by having CarriRo follow, we have been able to raise the amount of transportation than before, so it is likely that the total man-hours can be made more efficient and productivity can be raised.

Next Deployment

Currently, only part of the Kumamoto Technology Center is using CarriRo, but we will continue to investigate lateral deployment reporting operation effect in the company as well. CarriRo is assumed to be used in a general environment, but there is a possibility that it can be utilized even in a clean room where a certain degree of cleanliness is required, so we will try it together with ZMP. In addition, as a next step, we will aim to improve inventory management efficiency by fully automating transport by CarriRo's autonomous operation and promoting IoT such as RFID.

Overview of the layout of the premises

【Issues before implementation】 Improvement of added value of all manufacturing support work including transportation of goods
【Utilization contents】 CarriRo is used, fully automated material transport · We will aim at improving inventory management efficiency by RFID.


5 year lease
Monthly 28,000 yen / 1 unit

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