Toppan Joho Kako Co., Ltd.

Aimed at improving work efficiency at logistics bases
Improved transportation efficiency by the Following function. To promote labor saving in cooperation with IC tag

Company Introduction

Toppan Joho Kako Co., Ltd., as a member of the Toppan Group, is engaged mainly in the bookbinding and processing of publications and advertising media.

Based on the technologies and experiences gained through bookbinding, we are also working on various new value-added services.

For the purpose of improving work efficiency and reducing work load at distribution bases, CarriRo® was introduced and started its trial operation.

Mr. Hiroyuki Takahashi and Mr. Tetsuya Urushibara of the company's System Logistics Management Division commented about CarriRo® that "The Karugamo mode that automatically follows the beacons attached to the workers​ ​can carry the packages and goods that have been carried earlier in more number of trips.​ ​Hence, the work efficiency has significantly improved."

Also, "In the case of Kargamo mode, when CarriRo® is directly behind" you will hear "I'm right behind you" or if you walk faster than the set speed you will hear "Please walk slowly".

When the worker goes out of the detection range it informs you with a voice "I lost it".They commented that​ ​"CarriRo® can make you to enjoy your work".

As for future developments, the company will combine the Autonomous moving function of ZMP with Toppan Group technology to read RFID tags * of goods on the shelf while traveling autonomously. By linking with the system, we aim to promote the labor saving of inspection and inventory operations by unmanned inventory.
(* Automatically recognize information from IC tag by wireless communication)


5 year lease
Carriro FD:月額34,000円~ / 1台
Carriro AD:月額52,000円~ / 1台
Carriro AD+(台車タイプ):月額73,000円~ / 1台
Carriro AD+(パレット積載タイプ):月額82,000円~ / 1台

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