Toppan Information Processing Co., Ltd.

Introduction aimed at improving work efficiency at logistics bases
Improvement of transportation efficiency by the function of the karugamo. To promote labor saving in cooperation with IC tag

Company Introduction

Toppan Information Processing Co., Ltd. is a member of the Toppan Group engaged in operations focusing on bookbinding and processing of publications and advertising media. It is a very important position to be responsible for the final finishing, and it can be said that it is a work that you can realize manufacturing. Based on the technology and experience cultivated in bookbinding, we are also working on new value-added services.

For the purpose of improving work efficiency and reducing workload at logistics bases, the company introduced a CarriRo and started pilot operation. About CarriRo, Mr. Hiroyuki Takahashi and Mr. Tetsuya Urushihara of the system logistics management department of the company said, "Karugamo mode which automatically follows the beacon attached to the worker carries luggage and goods which had been carried in several times so far at once Because we can do things, we can dramatically improve work efficiency. " In addition, "In Karugamo mode, when you are right behind you say" just behind "or if walking faster than the set speed you say" Please walk slowly. "If the worker moves out of the detection range He says that there is "Moe version" that will let you know with the voice of the voice actor "I have gone away" and that it is pretty intriguing, "he said. There is also one side that makes the job fun for CarriRo, he is commented on I will.

As a future development, the company will combine the autonomous moving function under development by the ZMP and the technology of the Toppan Group, read the RFID tag * on the shelf's luggage while autonomously running, and coordinate it with the system, so that inventory is done unattended , We are aiming to promote the labor saving of inspecting and stock inventory operations.
(* Automatically recognize individual information from IC tag embedded with information by wireless communication)


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Monthly 28,000 yen / 1 unit

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