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Operation was also easy, and it was possible to introduce it to actual work immediately after introduction.
Also, even when loading a certain amount, female employees can lightly carry out transportation work,
and we were able to drastically reduce the workload.

Mr. Maoma, Head of business division

About Toyotsu Logistics Co., Ltd.

As a core logistics company of the Toyota Tsusho Group, we handle a wide range of logistics operations not only by companies in the group but also by companies outside the group. As a pioneer of 3PL (Third Party Logistics), which is responsible for overall logistics operations, we developed our Supply Chain Management (SCM) system by ourselves, and based on this system we manage and manage all of our customers' logistics departments collectively I will.

From receipt of Kanban data to delivery instructions, receipt and departure reports, and order data creation to the manufacturer, we manage and operate logistics information in total, and we offer "fast, cheap, safe, reliable logistics" in a thorough system .

In exporting and importing automobile parts manufacturers, we are developing SCM and establishing our own Vender to Vender logistics system. We are promoting small lot, frequent delivery and short delivery time from domestic parts manufacturers to domestic and overseas user bases. Regarding the storage of electronic parts, we have the largest warehouse for electronic parts in Japan.

Business Issues





Reason why CarriRo was chosen

We think that relieving workload of workers in the premises and allocating human resources to sophisticated work processes that persons must engage in , will lead to quality improvement, shortening of working process time, and further improvement of the working environment, we discussed the introduction of equipment to support this movement.


Since CarriRo has almost the same height as the carriage, CarriRo has stable center of gravity and stable running even when cargo is placed, charging time is relatively short. It can be operated almost for a day, even if you use in excessive for unexpected use on busy days,we can charge even during lunch break and can move until the night.

Layout External view
How to use CarriRo

Effect after Introduction



【Test ①】 Shelving in warehouse · Picking operation
· At the site where the calibro test was introduced, it is mainly storage of relatively small parts, the space between the shelves is narrow (check → 4. External view of the layout), there are cases where it is impossible to run smoothly in relation to detection of the obstacle sensor. If it becomes possible to finely adjust the obstacle sensor, it can run even in a narrow space, and the range of utilization widens.

In addition, if the pedestal on which loads loaded is larger, it is expected to improve the efficiency of transportation, so if there is a larger pedestal type or a type that can customize the base size and shape, diversity will be born and also the range of choice spread.

【Test ②】 Cargo movement between separate warehouses
· There is convenience in the Following mode when moving between warehouses (between 1st warehouse No. 4 warehouse), We think that efficiency will improve if you run Following with multiple carriers. Further, in order to effectively utilize the existing basket car, it is also a future study material to improve the transportation efficiency by pulling it by the caliber.

· Because outdoor has unevenness of road surface (asphalt) between warehouses, we have devised safety plans to prevent cargo falling at our company, we also consult with manufacturers and are considering countermeasures.

Next Deployment



5 year lease
Following model:月額34,000円 / 1台
"Autonomous Moving" mode model:Monthly 52,000 yen / 1 unit

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