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Introduction aimed at labor saving by improving transportation efficiency at factory
"Construction cost is unnecessary" "Ease of transport route change is easy" "Selection of transportation capacity"​ ​

Company Introduction




Business problem before CarriRo introduction

· Increased transportation work due to increased production.
· Impact of objects being transported due to falling objects during transport or contact with the wall.
· We must establish safety with pedestrians during transportation work.
· Efforts and risks were taken for transportation work that does not produce added value.
· The investment amount is small.

Reason for introducing CarriRo

[Purpose of introduction]
· Labor saving by improving transportation efficiency
· Reduction of shock to 3K (kiken, kitanai, kitsui) and products of transportation work

[Reason for introduction]
· It can be expected to be utilized in various processes without cost of magnetic tape construction etc.
· Unlike AGV, it is easy to change the transport route which is the merit of automatic follow-up type.
· It is possible to increase the carrying capacity by the Following mode.
· It is possible to carry heavy objects with a maximum loading capacity of 100 kg.
· Safety functions such as collision avoidance function by sensor are substantial.

Effect after introducing CarriRo

· By attaching two cars in Following mode, the carrying ratio is increased to 3 times in combination with the hand truck.
· Though the number of times of transportation per day was 30 times in the past, the walking distance decreased from 12,000 meters to 4,000 meters and the time decreased from 3 hours to 1 hour to roughly 1/3 because the number decreased to 10 times. By achieving labor saving, it is possible to satisfy other works.

Next Deployment

There are many transportation work in other processes, there is a need to reduce transportation load.
We will consider the risk of transportation and want to develop CarriRo as a solution to that.
We would like to give feedback on usage situation and requests etc. so that CarriRo will be the most suitable transporting tool at the company.

Overview of the layout of the premises


5 year lease
Following model:月額34,000円 / 1台
"Autonomous Moving" mode model:Monthly 52,000 yen / 1 unit

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