About demonstration test of an Autonomous vehicle within the Chubu International Airport Restricted Area

AIRO Inc. (hereinafter “AIRO”), a joint venture of Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter “Marubeni”) and ZMP Inc. (hereinafter “ZMP”), carried out a demonstration test of Autonomous vehicle in the airport restricted area from March 18 to March 20, 2019.

Below is an overview of the demonstration test.

Outline of the demonstration test

In this demonstration test, we used RoboCar® Mini EV Bus developed by ZMP and took the route that is assumed to transport passengers by bus. The RoboCar® Mini EV Bus is a vehicle based on the ANKAI’S EV (electric car) bus that has been newly added to ZMP's Robocar lineup and this demonstration test will be the first in Japan.

AIRO Inc. carried out a demonstration test of Autonomous vehicle in the airport restricted area. We conducted the test using Autonomous driving vehicle RoboCar® Mini EV Bus developed by ZMP.

Through this demonstration test, ZMP confirms issues and collects data for practical use of Autonomous vehicles in the airport restricted area and promotes efforts for commercialization and sales of Autonomous vehicles and ancillary services.​ ​

Video of demonstration test

Photos taken during demonstration test

Autonomous driving vehicle while running
Inside of Autonomous driving vehicle

Related products

ZMP offers various products that support Autonomous Driving.

The RoboCar series that can be controlled from the program used in this demonstration test, as well as stereo camera RoboVision3 that can sense the distance and field of view up to 150 m, horizontal distance of 100 °, and GPS and barometric pressure can be transmitted by CAN We have a lineup of products that can be used for various technological development such as Position-Z, IMU sensor IMU-Z2 that can measure acceleration, gyro and geomagnetism wirelessly (bluetooth).

For product details, please refer to the following.
RoboCar® series
Outline of Autonomous Driving technology development platform RoboCar® series
RoboVision® 3
A stereo camera capable of sensing a distance of 150 m and a horizontal viewing angle of 110 °.
GPS / pressure integrated position sensor capable of CAN output
9-axis motion sensor that can be measured by wireless or wired

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