【RoboCar® MiniVan introduction record】Fukushima Toyopet Corporation and Aizu Laboratory, Inc.

RoboCar® MiniVan (Left) and Demonstration test Opening ceremony (Right)
This initiative was carried out as "Demonstration experiment for construction of information infrastructure related to Autonomous Driving and practical application of vehicles" in Fukushima Prefecture's and on December 3, 2018, we started a demonstration test on public roads.

The purpose of this demonstration test is to construct an information infrastructure related to the realization of public transportation services using Autonomous Driving vehicles by 2019, specifically in the vicinity of Namie Town Station.In order to realize a transportation service by Autonomous Driving vehicle,we are developing a system that can commonly use data and 3 dimensional map etc of various sensors used in the Autonomous Driving vehicles.

Traveling route is about 1 km connecting Namie Town Office from Namie station, we are doing Autonomous Driving on public roads.
This fiscal year we will conduct a demonstration experiment on the straight road connecting the Namie Town office and Namie station and we plan to expand the range of demonstration experiments in the future by coordinating with the police and Namie Town and other related organizations.

At Aizu Laboratories, we aim at the creation of the new business by acquiring know-how and Autonomous Driving service in depopulated areas and for elderly people with the cooperation of academic institutions and companies with a proven track record of Autonomous Driving demonstration tests.

The Autonomous Driving development platform RoboCar® MiniVan developed by ZMP is used as an Autonomous Driving test vehicle for demonstration experiments and sensor used is 3D-LiDAR manufactured by Velodyne, Monocular cameras and Autoware which is a high-precision 3D map and open source software of Autonomous Driving.

Since 2015, ZMP offers RoboCar® MiniVan based on a minivan hybrid car as an Autonomous driving development platform and also offers "RoboCar® MiniVan Autoware package" with Autoware installed. We also offer SUV type RoboCar® SUVs, Bus type RoboCar® Mini EV Bus which is under development and ZMP's proprietary Autonomous Driving computer IZAC®. We have introduced our products to many research institutions and companies promoting research and development of Autonomous Driving and also we have been supporting demonstration experiments of Autonomous Driving etc.

We will continue to contribute to the development of Autonomous Driving technology through provision of an Autonomous Driving development platform and support with demonstration experiments.

About ZMP RoboCar Minivan

Autonomous Driving development vehicle platform RoboCar® MiniVan


Features of RoboCar MiniVan
· Can acquire CAN information
(Speed, steering, accelerator, brake, shift position etc.)
· Optionally equipped with external sensors such as stereo camera and laser range sensor, large capacity battery system, etc.
· Control of steering, accelerator and brake
· User program can be executed by ZMP proprietary controller
· Switchable between Automatic control mode and Manual mode

【Basic function of Autoware】
• 3D self-location estimation
• 3D map generation
• Automatic stop
• Vehicle / pedestrian recognition
• Route generation path following (0 to 60 km/h)

RoboCar® MiniVan 18 million yen (excluding tax)
RoboCar® Minivan Autoware package 23.8 million yen (excluding tax)

ZMP RoboCar® Minivan, 3D LIDAR, Monocular camera (front), large capacity vehicle battery system, control PC, Autoware installation setting service (including running test in the test course)
* The price will be changed depending on sensor configuration.

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