【Introduction of RoboCar MV 2 】National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto College

RoboCar MV2 introduced at National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto College

1. About the institute

At the National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto College of Control and Information Systems Engineering in order to improve the efficiency of logistics and living support in less populated areas, research on line travelling in multiple vehicles, modeling of driving behavior as driving assistance for the elderly and handicapped are being done.We are conducting research on driving support equipment.

2. About the deciding factor

It was decided to conduct autonomous driving and driving support research in our college on four-wheeled vehicles as a practical example system for the needs of the next generation. RoboCar ® MV 2 was selected as a platform with functions capable of withstanding this research.

3. About the concerns before introduction

Concerns on storage and maintenance of the vehicle.Although we considered to introduce actual car type like RoboCar HV as a platform which can develop an autonomous driving system, considering maintenance such as vehicle management and vehicle inspection, we opted for RoboCar MV2 which is compact.The intention of small cars to be more acceptable to the elderly also became a factor determining the introduction.

4. About the uses after introduction

After product introduction, verification of vehicle control method using model predictive control and machine learning, research on line travelling using three RoboCar ® MV 2,operation of electric vehicle by tablet terminal, construction of driving behavior model for beginners and elderly people. It is utilized for various purposes such as model construction, environment recognition algorithm using camera and LiDAR, demonstration experiment of constructed driving support system.

Line travelling image of RoboCar MV2

5. About RoboCar MV2 merits

The merit of RoboCar MV 2 was it is easy to customize and possible to handle even without advanced technology or knowledge of electric car or car maintenance.

6. About future applications

Professor Kousei Nojiri, who oversees utilizing products in future, "I would like to use the development of autonomous line travelling including manual driven vehicles and the validation of a system that autonomous driving vehicles communicate with people inside and outside the car."
At the National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto College, we are working on continuous research to utilize autonomous driving technology in the future and accept it to solve the current problem of local Kumamoto.

Autonomous Driving development platform RoboCar® MV2

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RoboCar® MV 2
Single-seat electric vehicle base autonomous driving development platform

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