1st CarriRo® EXPO Special Page

“To experience the forefront of logistics,” CarriRo® EXPO
Explore all models and solutions of the logistics support robot CarriRo®! !

Overview of 1st CarriRo® EXPO

During CarriRo® EXPO, we will demonstrate the CarriRo® AD, an autonomous moving model launched in December 2018, and the new CarriRo® AD + (plus) model.

Introduction of the digital picking system in the picking area and linkage with the Visual Warehouse® that optimizes the wire in the warehouse, and in the inspection and shipping area, demonstration of automatic towing by using external linkage function and unmanned inspection work by RFID.
○ Picking area
・ CarriRo® DPS
By linking CarriRo® with the Digital Picking System (DPS), it contributes to the realization of automatic transport when using DPS, resulting in labor saving in picking work, and the improvement of workability.

・ CarriRo® Visual Warehouse
Sato's Visual Warehouse® (optimizing work flow inside the warehouse) works in conjunction with CarriRo®, enabling automatic shortest route travel when picking.
Video of 「CarriRo® Visual Warehouse」
○ Inspection item & shipping area
・ Automatic withdrawal
Automatic separation function of traction machine of CarriRo® with external connection function.There is no need for personnel at the end point.
CarriRo® equipped with external connection function
・ RFID inspection
The integration of CarriRo® with RFID enables unmanned inspection work.
Verify the effectiveness of RFID tags with TOPPAN PRINTING CO., LTD.

At the 1st CarriRo® EXPO, you can experience and see the above CarriRo® solution
​ ​and all CarriRo® models, which are used at the forefront of logistics.

Be a part of the event and experience the forefront of logistics.​ ​

Application for entry

The application to participate in the 1st CarriRo® EXPO is based on advance reservation, please apply from the following reservation form.