Experience cherry blossom viewing with the Autonomous Driving Robot RakuRo!!

As a part of the sharing service of the Autonomous Driving robot "RakuRo" operated by ZMP , we will hold a cherry-blossom viewing event to realize safe, secure and enjoyable movement. The cherry-blossom viewing event will be held from March 19th (Friday) to April 8th (Thursday) during the peak of cherry blossoms bloom, and reservations are being accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

【Latest information! ]

"Cherry Blossom viewing Tour" event has started!

From March 19th (Friday), cherry blossom viewing tour is held where you can enjoy cherry blossom with Autonomous Driving Robot RakuRo.

Reservations are being acceptedl!

1 to 4 people can participate. If you are considering participating, please make a reservation as soon as possible by clicking the button below.

Photo: A person who actually experienced the event on the first day


・ Enjoy the cherry blossoms in the Tsukuda & Tsukishima area, a hidden cherry blossom viewing spot in Tokyo​ ​

・ It takes about 30 minutes, about 10 minutes: ride explanation & preparation, about 20 minutes: Autonomous Driving robot cherry blossom viewing tour.

・ It is an event that anyone can participate in the ride without a license or age limit.


You can enjoy cherry blossom viewing in a new format following the rules preventing the corona virus
Safe and secure driving interval
The state-of-the-art Autonomous Driving technology enables driving with a secure social distance and minimizes contact with other people.
Pairing tour that everyone can ride
While maintaining an appropriate distance, you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing with your family and friends with the pairing tour function that runs up to 4 cars side by side.

Date and Time

Dates: March 19, 2021 (Friday) to April 8, 2021 (Thursday)
Time: 9:30 to 19:00 (Time required for each session: Approximately 30 minutes)
* Operation may be canceled due to rain or other circumstances.

Meeting place: Shanghai Dining(The meeting place has changed)
Address: 1F, Konami Riverside, 2-3-1, Tsukuda, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0051
Google Map:https://goo.gl/maps/eETraU64TUJY5ST78

Driving route (The travel route schedule has changed!) 

On the day of participation, please drop in at the meeting place and after guiding the platform
you can enjoy cherry blossoms on two routes that pass through the famous spots for cherry blossoms in the Tsukuda / Tsukishima area.

The usual route is changed to Ishikawajima Park, and the Tsukuda Park route will be available only on Saturdays and Sundays.

In addition, the meeting place has changed from in front of the senior center to in front of Shanghai Dining.
We sincerely apologize for the last minute change.​ ​
・ Ishikawajima Park Route
(All dates)

・ Tsukuda Park Route
(Operating on Saturdays and Sundays)

We are very sorry that the Shinkawa Park route has been canceled this time.

* Depending on the reservation situation, the route may not be available.

Entry fee

General: 1800 JPY (tax included)
Children (3 years old to elementary school students): 1200 JPY (tax included)
Those over 50 years old: 1200 JPY (tax included)
* Drinks & light meals included


You can pay the participation fee at the meeting place.
Payment should be made in cash on the day of the event, so if possible, we would appreciate it if you could prepare for change.
We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your cooperation.

Reservation application

You can make a reservation using the form below or at the RakuRo Showroom.

Reservation using the form

When applying using the form, please make reservations​ ​for the number of participants
Advance applications are accepted up to 24 hours before boarding.
In addition, you can cancel after application from the URL at the bottom of the reservation reception email.

If there are slots available and you cannot make a reservation for the desired number of people
please contact the representative of the RakuRo Sharing Management Office at 070-1446-5172.

[About same-day reservation]

Depending on the availability of reservations, we also accept same-day reservations.

* For same-day reservations, please contact the representative phone of the RakuRo Sharing Management Office at 070-1446-5172 as it is necessary to check the availability.

Reservation at the store
The RakuRo Sharing Service Showroom is a 1-minute walk from​ ​
Exit 4 of Tsukishima Station.

1F, Kamada Building, 2-18 Tsukuda, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0051

About this event

* This event is a service provided by ZMP Inc.
For inquiries about this service, please contact us from the "Inquiries about events and robots" below.

Inquiries about events and robots

For inquiries about the event, please use the form below.

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