Autonomous Driving and ADAS

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"Autonomous driving" is getting more and more important. The ZMP editorial department will explain the "technology" and "mechanism" that have a difficult image in an easy and simple way.
Autonomous Driving in warehouses and factories?
The brain of the robot society?
Autonomous Driving in warehouses and factories?
 The mechanism of the Logistics support Robot "CarriRo"

Autonomous Driving and ADAS

This section summarizes the development and details of sensors, cameras, running tests, etc., related to Autonomous Driving and ADAS (advanced driving support system) which ZMP is working on.
Autonomous Driving
​ ​
Information on Autonomous Driving is summarized
About ADAS (advanced driving support system)
ADAS (Advanced Driving Support System)
Information on Advanced Driving support system (ADAS) is summarized
Stereo Camera
The mechanism of the stereo camera and the measurement principle is summarized
Test drive
The type and purpose of running tests on ADAS development is summarized

Logistics​ ​

About Logistics​ ​
Summarizes information on the current status and issues of the logistics industry and the latest efforts

Glossary related to autonomous driving and logistics

Autonomous driving / ADAS glossary
This section summarizes the terms related to ZMP autonomous movement, Autonomous Driving, and ADAS.