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Here we will discuss logistics that support the convenience of today's lives.

On this page, we will touch on the concept of logistics, the challenges of the logistics industry, and solutions to the challenges and logistics solutions provided by ZMP, as well as news and information sites in the logistics industry.

What is Logistics?

Logistics refers to the transportation of goods from one place to another to make them ready for use when needed.

This logistics generally refers to the six basic activities of transportation, storage, cargo handling, packaging, distribution processing and information, and refers to linking them to create a "usable state."

On the other hand, the term logistics enhances the six basic activities of logistics described above, By centrally managing various types of distribution information, it is not necessary to consider each activity alone. There is a difference in optimizing the entire distribution for business management.

As a concept similar to logistics, Supply Chain Management (SCM) exists.

Logistics is used as a term to indicate the act of moving goods, but in fact, it is also a term that is relatively innocuous in terms of logistics and terms that were made about 60 years ago.

You can refer to the explanation in detail on the page About logistics basic information.

About logistics basic information

Current Status and Issues of the Logistics Industry

In today's Japanese society, the declining birthrate and aging population and the accompanying decline in the working-age population are major issues, but the logistics industry is cited as an industry that is greatly affected by this.

In addition, while the aging of drivers has progressed, development of EC services such as Amazon has made it a time when excessive service is required while convenient delivery speed improvement such as redelivery and delivery on the day is required.

Such current situation in Japan is explained on the current page.

You can refer to the current state of the logistics and logistics industry for the current status and challenges of the industry, and the efforts of each company.

Current state of logistics and logistics industry

Solutions to logistics challenges

Various solutions are developed and provided as services from each company in response to the logistics industry issues as described above.

As a logistics solution, information has been used as a hub for the six basic activities that make up logistics, and it is connected horizontally and streamlined.

In order to respond to needs and issues in real time, the environment surrounding the supply chain changes, with no intention to change products and services required by companies and society. Not only the process of each basic activity, but also the improvement and reform of the whole process is necessary.

We also explain about logistics systems, logistics robots, etc. as elements that make up logistics solutions.

For details, check the solution page for logistics issues.

Solutions to logistics issues

Logistics solutions provided by ZMP

ZMP develops and sells robots that make moving objects more fun and convenient as a logistics solution.

It introduces a development support service that utilizes a trolley-type logistics support robot CarriRo equipped with an autonomous movement function, a delivery robot service CarriRo Deli and an Autonomous Driving vehicle.

Logistics solution provided by ZMP

Logistics Industry News and Information Site

We collected useful news and information sites related to the logistics industry. The following pages provide news and updates on logistics.

In addition, we introduced news of ZMP's logistics support products. Please see the following for details.

Logistics Industry News and Information Site