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Use of Autonomous delivery robot "DeliRo ™" in urban districts

Introducing a use case where a high-rise mansion area is used as a model area for the practical application of Autonomous delivery robots.

This is a case where we plan to carry out service verification directly linked to practical use with the cooperation of home delivery companies, supermarkets, convenience stores, drug stores, and other companies.​ ​
While carefully and swiftly coordinating deregulation with the government and local governments, we will proceed with demonstration tests for the practical application of Autonomous delivery robots.


Recently, while being forced to wait at home as a measure to prevent infection with the new coronavirus. In the city center, measures such as reducing the frequency of shopping at supermarkets have been put forth.

As a result, supermarkets are becoming extremely crowded and the daily life is inconvenient. Furthermore, even after the home waiting measures are lifted, it is necessary to tackle infectious diseases as a social issue, such as feeling uneasy about the risk of going to a crowded place such as a store.​ ​

The labor shortage related to home delivery has been a social issue for some time, but as a measure to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, we will urgently put an Autonomous delivery robot into practical use as a method of eliminating face-to-face purchasing activities.

Autonomous delivery robot DeliRo

Model area to use Autonomous delivery robot "DeliRo ™"

To use in the city center model district, one example, we will use Autonomous delivery robot "DeliRo ™" at high-rise mansion area.
High-rise mansion group model area
As a precedent example of the practical application of Autonomous delivery robots overseas, there is an initiative in the Milton Keynes area in the UK.
Our proposal goes one step further,

(1) It is an area connected by a private land exclusively for pedestrians, and is a high-rise mansion group in the city center with a high population.
(2) In this area, retail stores and courier companies are connected to each other on private land.​ ​
(3) By adding some public roads due to deregulation, it is possible to accelerate business model verification for wider and more advanced practical application.

Based on the above points, we believe that we can accelerate the verification of a broader and more advanced business model for commercialization.

We also consider that these high-rise mansion areas are suitable for experiments in social implementation, as it is easy to accept new technologies and services.

Autonomous delivery solution service system

In order to realize a delivery robot service, ZMP provides a mechanism to connect the robots to the Internet and remotely monitor multiple robots and centrally manage emergency control with the ZMP cloud system ROBO-HI® Station.
Cooperation of DeliRo × ROBO-HI Station
ROBO-HI Station has the functions of grasping robot status, diagnosing functions, managing reservations and schedules, making payments, issuing QR codes and collating.

We believe that this will lead to the realization of a social system through the security of robot delivery in the region and the revitalization of the economy through the creation of new jobs.

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Unmanned Autonomous Driving robot service LIFE ROBOT BROTHERS has developed an low-speed Autonomous Driving robot by applying the autonomous movement technology cultivated in the development of Autonomous Driving technology. We provide robot services aimed at solving the problems of the last mile of logistics, realizing a means of transportation for people who have inconvenience to move, and unmanned security aimed at a city where people can live with peace of mind.

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