Started receiving orders for computer-controllable mobile cart platform for research and development

Started receiving orders for computer-controllable mobile cart platform for research and development

- Sample program - SDK (development environment) included. Research and development of automatic conveyance and mobile robot -

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi ) has started accepting orders for POWER WHEEL II (Power Wheel Two), a mobile cart platform for computer controllable research and development.

This product can run for 8 hours * on six wheels (center drive wheel × 2, universal wheel × 4) truck of independent two-wheel drive system equipped with a large capacity lithium ion battery and a high output motor. The loading space is 650 mm wide x 950 mm deep and the maximum loading weight is 100 kg and it is possible to install various experimental equipment. As standard sensors, high precision rotary encoders, inertial sensors, distance measuring sensors are installed, and laser sensors, stereo cameras, monocular cameras, etc. can be installed as options. It is also possible to perform remote control experiments using a communication function from an externally installed PC (option). A Linux PC is installed as a control PC, and on-board development is possible by connecting a monitor / keyboard (option). As a software development environment (SDK), libraries and sample programs such as acquisition of various sensor information, motor drive, communication (WiFi) etc. are included, and customers can freely develop applications using these.

In recent years, needs for automatic conveyance / unmanned conveyance and mobile robot are increasing in logistics and manufacturing sites, such as a decrease in the labor force population accompanying the declining birthrate and an aging population, and an increase in efficiency of delivery due to expansion of electronic commerce. We sell RoboCar 1/10 as a computer-controllable R & D experimental vehicle, and we are using it for autonomous mobile and mobile robot research and development. In the field of logistics, we also sell CarriRo , a logistic support robot that automatically tracks workers, and is used for actual transportation work at logistics companies and manufacturing factories.

Utilizing these knowledge, this product has been developed as a research and development platform for automatic conveyance and mobile robot which can carry out experiments for a long time with various test equipment. It can be used as a general-purpose mobile cart robot platform such as research and development of logistics warehouse and next-generation automatic transfer machine in the factory, research and development of new service using autonomous mobile truck / mobile robot.

Price starts at 3 million yen (excluding tax) from today, we plan to ship in December 2017.
* Operating time depends on operation pattern, load condition of control PC, etc.

Scenes example of product utilization
. Independent two-wheel-drive mobile truck platform available on indoor flat road platform
· To develop new services and build logistics systems using autonomous mobile carts

POWER WHEEL II Basic package 3 million yen (excluding tax)
(POWER WHEEL II (main unit) + software development environment (SDK))
※ We will propose optional sensors, PC etc according to purpose. It is also possible to customize the trolley size and number of motors according to your request. For details, please contact us.

For details of the product, please refer to the POWER WHEEL II (Power wheel to two) product page below for R & D for research and development below.

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