Distribution support robot CarriRo launched distribution of latest videos! Introduction examples of application on site

Our Youtube channel on May 11

The latest video of the logistics support robot CarriRo has been updated above.

As a case study on the spot, scenes carrying three CarriRo at once using the Karugamo mode at the actual distribution warehouse and the scene where the first operator uses the tablet and two CarriRo You can check the work to pick up and make it follow.

You can see it as an introduction image of CarriRo .

In addition, the logistic support robot CarriRo will be exhibited at the technology exhibition 2017 in Yokohama held at Pacifico Yokohama for three days from May 24, 2017.

Please check the video from the following.

【Caliro latest video! Introduction case examples on site! 】

【Product introduction HP】 CarriRo

[Exhibition information] Technology exhibition for people and cars 2017 Yokohama



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