Stereo camera RoboVision 2s Object detection package launched

Distance accuracy at object detection greatly improved

Stereo camera RoboVision 2s Object detection package launched

- (size / position) of the object, point group information output. Automatic operation · For autonomous robot sensing -


                     RoboVision2s                                   RoboVision2sカメラ部

When mounted on a vehicle

ZMP Corporation, ZMP (Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, President: Tsunaga Taniguchi, hereinafter referred to as ZMP), today launched sales of the ZMP RoboVision 2s Object Detection Package, a stereo camera system with greatly improved distance accuracy when detecting objects did.


In addition, by specifying the width and height of the object to be detected, it is possible to detect the object focused on the object that the customer wishes to detect. Rather than targeting all image areas, it is possible to perform more efficient processing by specifying the image area where the object exists and performing post-processing such as image recognition.

In addition to the size (width, height, depth) of the detected object, the position coordinates of the object from the camera, the point group information of the detected object can also be output, and the image information and the point cloud information are combined Development is also possible.

This product can be applied to the research and development of the system using the surrounding environment recognition by the stereo camera image such as ADAS · automated driving technology development of automobile and mobile robot development etc.

The price will be shipped from today with 500,000 yen for object detection software only for those who already have RoboVision 2s, with a set of RoboVision 2s main unit, processing PC, object detection software set to 1.8 million yen (excluding tax).

【Product introduction RoboVision2s】

RoboVision 2s 物体検出パッケージ 180 万円(税別) 
(RoboVision 2s, object detection option, PC set)

【Main specifications】 Stereo camera unit RoboVision 2s

Camera module

Image sensor Nansa Sony 1/3 type effective 127 thousand pixels
CMOS image sensor IMX 224 × 2
Resolution 280 × 960 pixels (30 fps), 640 × 480 pixels (120 fps)
Horizontal view angle 45°
Interface USB 3.0
Baseline length 210 mm
Function  同期、ひずみ補正、ステレオ平行化、ワイドダイナミックレンジ、など

Software development environment (SDK)

ライブラリ  Camera I / F, parallax image generation
Application RAW output, distortion correction result output, parallax image output *
Operating System Linux / Windows 8.1

※ Product images and specifications are under development and subject to change without notice.
* Resolution · Frame rate depends on PC specifications.

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