Harvard University & Switzerland K - Team, Introduction of ultra compact group robot Kilobot

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Harvard University & Switzerland K - Team, Introduction of ultra compact group robot Kilobot



Kilobot Experiment with many Kilobot (image)

The ZMP company, ZMP (Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, Representative Director: President: Hisashi Taniguchi) announced today that it will develop Harvard University exclusively for domestic sales, a small group robot manufactured by K - Team (Switzerland) Kilobot ).Refer for the Research case video on our website.



Product introduction Ultra small group robot Kilobot

【Research case introduction】

What intelligent machines can learn from a school of fish(TEDプレゼンテーション2017)  

Error Cascades in Collective Behavior (AAMAS 2017)  


Programmable self-disassembly in large-scale collectives (DARS 2016)  


Controller screen


Low cost
Compact size (diameter 33 mm)
High precision motor control (255 steps)
Intercommunication with other Kilobots
Distance measurement between two Kilobots
Ambient light sensing
Equipped with RGB LED
Rechargeable, removable lithium polymer battery installed
Kilobot controller allows programming and control of many Kilobots

Please inquire for the price as it can change due to currency fluctuations,​ ​


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