ZMP, start overseas public road data acquisition support service

ZMP, start overseas public road data acquisition support service

- Expansion of service implementation area to oversea traffic environment and support collection of public road travel data with one stop -

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi , hereinafter ZMP) will expand the service of public road data acquisition support service RoboTest to overseas and respond to customer's requests.

Nowadays, as the revitalization of the ADAS market and the development of autonomous driving technology are progressing, traveling evaluation on public roads in those developments is becoming very important. However, technological complexity has led to an increase in technical man-hours such as system construction for evaluation and processing of collected data. Meanwhile, it is difficult for customers to implement their own driving tests as they tend to be restricted by internal regulations. Therefore, outsourcing of complicated tasks such as gathering subjects (drivers and passengers) from the general public and operation management of the subjects are indispensable, which is a very important issue for development companies. In addition, development is required not only for domestic transportation environment but also for various traffic environments, and the need for data collection in overseas public roads is also increasing.

Since 2012, ZMP is using data from our own autonomous driving technology development and testing to provide data acquisition support services during driving.In addition to collecting and managing drivers necessary for traveling, upstream processes such as the design and construction of systems (loggers) necessary for acquiring travel data, vehicle arrangements and necessary installation / remodeling and data processing after acquisition.It is a service that can drastically reduce customer's labor by implementing it all at once.

In the future we will expand traveling data collection service in overseas traffic environment as service menu. We also offer complicated work and procedures, such as surveying overseas traffic laws and regulations, transporting the constructed data acquisition system to overseas, arranging vehicles and drivers overseas, etc. on a one-stop basis.

In ZMP, ZEG Corporation (Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, President: Taniguchi), which manages traveling data collection work on public roads and Hertz United Group Inc. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Eiichi Miyazawa) Hengda), we have been providing public road data collection services throughout the country through collaboration with ZEG, but also in overseas deployment by working with ZEG . I look forward to it to respond to customer needs more widely and flexibly.

【Overseas public road data acquisition support service menu】

Confirmation of data collection requirements

Design and arrange data acquisition course (public road, test course reservation etc.)

Acquire biological data of driver (electrocardiogram measurement, electroencephalogram measurement, gaze measurement, fatigue measurement, etc.)

Survey and report on oversea traffic regulations

Design and implementation of various data acquisition systems

Abroad transportation procedure of data acquisition system (customs clearance etc.)

Vehicle and driver arrangement overseas

Installation and remodeling of measuring equipment in vehicles

Test operation management

Post processing of acquired data

Reporting of acquisition results

Delivery of data (SSD etc.)


RoboTest Example of data acquisition overseas

1 x vehicle, 10 x driver, 2 weeks traveling period 12 million yen (excluding tax) ~

※ The price will be an individual quotation after confirming the requirement.

【Service Introduction Page】

RoboTest Overseas public road data acquisition support service

【RoboTest related service】

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