Autonomous Driving platform RoboCar® series latest model RoboCar SUV announcement

- Enhanced all-around sensing and safety functions with 10 cameras -
- To be presented at the 10th ZMP Forum on July 18 -

ZMP Corporation (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi, hereinafter ZMP) has been providing automotive manufacturers, parts suppliers, universities and others since 2009.We have been selling Autonomous Driving Computer-controllable vehicles RoboCar series for technical development ,but this time we will announce the latest model RoboCar SUV to support the commercialization of future mobility services using Autonomous Driving technology.

RoboCar series lineup

RoboCar SUV is based on SUV type vehicles that are not available in the previous lineup, while retaining the features of the conventional RoboCar series. Like the RoboCar HV / PHV / MiniVan, the RoboCar SUV can acquire the sensor information installed in the base vehicle via the in-vehicle network CAN (Control Area Network), and by using the ZMP's own controller, accelerator, brake and steering.It is an experiment platform vehicle for research and development.We can install omni-directional sensing and object detection function using up to 10 cameras, improvement of redundancy of control controller, emergency brake device, with a view to commercialization of Autonomous Driving technology, strengthen sensing function and safety aspect as development platform.

SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) is also popular as a taxi and a hire for overseas VIP, and it can be used as a platform for mobility service corresponding to inbound customers for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. We will contribute to customer's technological development and service development with RoboCar series utilized in field trials across the country and RoboCar SUV newly added to the lineup.

Details of RoboCar SUV will be announced on the first day (July 18th) of the "10th ZMP Forum" which is to be held from July 18th.

【RoboCar related products】 RoboCar Minivan
Features of RoboCar MiniVan
· Test vehicle of minivan type which improved the number of occupants and the loadability of experimental equipment​ ​
· Can acquire CAN information (speed, steering, accelerator, brake, shift position, etc.)
· Programmable steering, accelerator and brake with ZMP original controller
· Switchable between Automatic control mode and Manual mode
· Optional external sensors such as cameras and laser range sensors, large capacity battery system, etc. can be installed

【10th ZMP Forum Summary】
ZMP Forum 2018 "Change the movement of people and goods with commercialization of Autonomous Driving "
ZMP has been holding the ZMP Forum every year since 2009, with the intention of contributing to the acceleration of technological development.

Date and time:
July 18, 2018 (Wednesday) from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm (from 6:30 pm ~ Social gathering)
July 19, 2018 (Thursday) from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (from 5:00 pm ~ Item Demo & Experience Meeting)
July 20, 2018 (Friday) from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Venue: Bellesalle Iidabashi (3-8-5 Iidabashi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Sumitomo Real Estate Iidabashi Ekimae Building)
Participation fee: Free (fee is charged for social gathering)

※ The announcement on this service will be held on Wednesday, July 18th (Wednesday) 11: 30 ~
"Autonomous Driving Platform RoboCar Series Latest Model Announcement" will be performed.

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RoboCar SUV
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