Announced Delivery Robot CarriRo® Delivery model! Challenge to the last one mile of logistics Japan's first implementation of service demonstration experiments by home delivery robots

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi, hereinafter ZMP) announced a pre-production model of the delivery robot CarriRo® Delivery. A fully remodeled design, size, user interface etc., for real service. Robot main body improves adaptability to driving environment by making it smaller than previous model. By enriching the expression that serves as a point of contact with users, we have improved the means of communication with the surroundings. Depending on the needs of the store, it is possible to replace it with lockers of various box sizes and fillings. On the IT side, users can make payments from ordering products, unlock the key by scanning QR codes, store apps that support store order management and product loading into each locker, and each robot. We have a remote monitoring system that can manage position and status and can be operated remotely in an emergency.
In addition, the first demonstration service for delivery service using a delivery robot using this model​ ​
will be started with the cooperation of Lawson Corporation and Keio University SFC Institute. Users perform order-to-receipt using a dedicated application, and service verification close to actual operation delivered by CarriRo® Delivery autonomously. In addition, this demonstration test has been selected as the “AI System Joint Development Support Project” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Through this demonstration test, we will identify issues in actual operation and grasp the needs of users to further accelerate development for practical application.

【Basic specifications and functions of new model】
Basic Specification

Width 65 cm, length 95 cm, height 96 cm
1 box, 4 box, 8 box type replaceable (customizable)
Loading capacity
50 kg
Maximum speed 6 km
Level difference
5 cm
Uphill travelling
Drive time
About 12 hours

■ Replacement locker

1 box

4 boxes in one unit

8 boxes in one unit

Other basic functions
Outdoor Autonomous movement​ ​
Read the QR code on the smartphone screen and unlock the locker
Packaged delivery robot and shopping app store applications
【Outline of Delivery Service Field Experiment】
Description: "Development and demonstration of safe and secure home delivery robot system using AI"
Implemented as National Institute for New Energy and Industrial Technology Development (NEDO)
"AI System Collaborative Development Support Project"
Cooperation: Lawson Corporation, Keio University SFC Institute
Period: July 5, 2018 - February 20, 2019
Place: Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus
【About delivery robot "CarriRo® Delivery"】
Our aim is to solve the problem of the last one mile of logistics and to support daily shopping by applying the autonomous movement technology cultivated in the development of Autonomous Driving technology for cars. We have developed “CarriRo® Delivery,” a delivery robot, and have been conducting technical verification tests since last year. CarriRo® Delivery is equipped with a delivery box, and it autonomously travels at a maximum speed of 6km while recognizing the surrounding environment with a camera and laser sensor at 360 degrees to deliver the package to the destination. It also has a system that enables remote monitoring and remote operation.

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