Komatsu joins hands with ZMP to realize unmanned autonomous operation of "Crawler Dump CF-1" rough terrain carrier

- Application of Autonomous Driving technology realizes accurate driving control unmanned -
-CEATEC JAPAN 2018 Live broadcasting of real machine demonstration at Komatsu booth -

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi, hereinafter ZMP) and Komatsu Ltd. in Minato-ku, Tokyo (President and Chief Executive Officer, Tetsuji Ohashi) joined hands for the development of Unmanned Autonomously operating Crawler dump truck "Crawler Dump CF-1”. This "Crawler dump CF-1" real-time unmanned autonomous operation demonstration will be broadcast live at CEATEC JAPAN 2018 Komatsu booth.

 Crawler dump CF - 1 unmanned Autonomous Driving transport model

Komatsu has invested in ZMP in 2015 to promote unmanned construction and mining machinery and Autonomous Driving.Currently, Komatsu and ZMP have achieved unmanned Autonomous Driving in the Komatsu IoT Center Tokyo and we are promoting development as an initiative leading to the future site solution "Smart Construction" that connects the entire site with ICT to improve productivity.

The Crawler Dump CF-1 unmanned Autonomous Driving transportation vehicle is equipped with ZMP Autonomous Driving software IZAC®, various sensors such as GPS (GNSS), stereo camera, etc., and controls the vehicle necessary for Autonomous Driving.Self-position estimation, object detection, route planning generation, inter-vehicle communication technology can be accomplished using WiFi equipment.

On the site using the construction machine, highly efficient work is required, thus by introducing Autonomous Driving it is possible to repeat the work which reduces unnecessary movements such as arrival to the exact destination. In addition, by introducing Autonomous Driving that does not depend on human skills / know-how, it is also a technology that can make up for missing operators.

At this time, the autonomous driving based "Crawler dump CF-1" is required to accurately reach the designated target coordinate position (hydraulic excavator or bulldozer) waiting for (coordinates, approach angle). ZMP has provided autonomous mobile technology to realize this.We provide vehicle control technology and Autonomous Driving software which we used for developing RoboCar® series.Moreover, self-driving software IZAC development self-position estimation technology, route to the target position technology,provide inter-vehicle communication technology, automation of a series of work with hydraulic excavators and bulldozers.

In the future we aim to connect the technology obtained in this project for the improvement of productivity at the "future site".

The crawler dump CF - 1 developed this time was demonstrated at Komatsu 's test site located in Mihama - ku, Chiba Prefecture from 16th (Tuesday) to 19th (Friday) , and Live broadcasting and exhibition vehicles will be made public at the CEATEC JAPAN 2018 Komatsu booth (booth number: A012) scheduled for the same day.


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