Taking orders for RoboVision® 3, 4-lens stereo camera compatible with PCI Express for Autonomous Driving which can measure a maximum distance of 150 m and horizontal field of view 110​ ​

- Adopted Sony's high-sensitivity image sensor IMX390 *-
-Integrated with wide angle and telephoto stereo camera for extensive detection at intersections-

Stereo camera RoboVision® 3 (with case)

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi, hereinafter ZMP) has adopted the latest Sony's high-sensitivity image sensor IMX390 * for automotive.We will begin selling frame grabber bundled units compatible with PCI - Express (x4) to the operation stereo camera "RoboVision ® 3" with detection range up to 150 m and horizontal 110 °.

This stereo camera which can sense up to 150 m, horizontal 110 ° and unprecedented distance and field of view can be used for detection of oncoming vehicles from a distance when turning right at an intersection, wide range detection of pedestrians and vehicles at the intersection right turn and left.Image sensor we adopted is the latest Sony's high sensitivity CMOS image sensor IMX390 for automotive use. Simultaneous processing of HDR and flicker suppression of LED signal is possible, and you can expect significant improvement of recognition and judgment function important for ADAS / Autonomous Driving.The output corresponds to the parallax image and the point cloud. You can use it for self-location estimation, motion detection, and further recognition of detection results by machine learning and deep learning using the point cloud. This time, we adopted PCI - Express (x4) to acquire images at high speed and included a frame grabber conforming to vibration and shock resistant XMC standards. This will send 4 24-bit images of 1936 x 1096 pixels up to 30 fps to the measurement computer.

As an optional product, you can also select a measuring computer, you can deliver the frame grabber on the computer and immediately acquire the image and distance measurement.

In Autonomous Driving and Image Recognition in ADAS, reliable Image Recognition is required even in scenes where there is a large contrast difference between the entrances and exits of tunnels and RoboVision® 3 is capable of capturing images with a dynamic range of 120 dB by shooting, you can realize image processing with little whiteout or blackout.

This product starts orders from today with a price of 2.20 million yen (excluding tax) and the delivery starts from December.

Image measurement required when turning right (telephoto camera)

Image measurement required when turning left (wide angle camera)

【Product page】
Stereo camera for Autonomous Driving RoboVisionⓇ 3


· Measure a maximum distance of 150 m and horizontal field of view 110 °
· Sony's high sensitivity CMOS image sensor for automotive use IMX390 * adopted. Applicable to a wide range of lighting conditions for ADAS and Autonomous Driving by simultaneous processing of HDR and flicker suppression of LED signal
· Corresponds to distance image and point cloud output
· Software development environment (SDK) compatible with Linux development environment

【Main Specifications】

Camera module

Image sensor

Sony made in-vehicle camera with 1 / 2.7 inch type

2,550,000 pixel CMOS image sensor IMX390CQV *
Number of pixels
1936 × 1096 pixels (30 fps)
Horizontal view angle
Wide angle part: 110 ° / Telephoto part: 40 °
Baseline length
Wide angle part: 150 mm / Telephoto part: 230 mm
Frame grabber unit

Synchronous imaging, distortion correction, stereo collimation, HDR mode, etc.
XMC (PCI Express x4 * Conversion adapter included)​ ​

Software development environment (SDK)

Camera I / F, parallax image generation, point cloud generation
Sample program
4 lens camera display / recording function, image viewer, parallax image display
Distortion correction / Parallelized image output, RAW output, Parallax image output, Point cloud (PCD) output
Operating System
Linux Ubuntu 16.04 (Intel Core i7 / Xeon (equipped with AVX 2))

· Product specifications are subject to change without notice due to technical improvement etc. Each image is under development. * It is a product limited to R & D applications.

■ Stereo Camera for Autonomous Driving RoboVision ® 3- 2.2 million yen (excluding tax)

Camera unit, mounting parts (for wedge mount), front glass reflection prevention plate, frame grabber unit, connection cable, software development environment (SDK) CD-ROM, XMC conversion board

【Option product】
■ PC for RoboVision® 3 set (PC type for embedded) 600,000 yen (excluding tax)
* Built-in computer compatible with XMC (PCI Express x4)

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