Logistics support robot CarriRo® introduced at Mitsui-soko group company

- Utilizing the flexibility of the autonomous moving function and dramatically shortening the walking distance of workers -

ZMP Inc. (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Taniguchi Hisashi , hereinafter ZMP) has started the sale of CarriRo® (autonomous movement model), a logistics support robot in November 2018.It is introduced in a logistics warehouse of a company to reduce workload and create a workplace environment that is easy to work with.

We are pleased to announce this case.

【CarriRo® case introduction】 Logistics Operations Service Co., Ltd.
Example URL:https://www.zmp.co.jp/carriro/detail_logios.html

A state in which the cage is pulled in an autonomous movement mode and another CarriRo with following function is following

Logistics Operations Service Co., Ltd., a Mitsui-soko group company is mainly engaged in in-house logistics operations at customers' factories and warehouses.

The company's largest logistics center in the country has a wide range of picking work areas, so it takes 30,000 steps for a worker per day. Hence, reducing the burden on workers was a big issue. We have made improvements by changing locations, arranging shelves, etc. However,all of these measures have limitations and then we decided to introduce CarriRo®.

What made us to decide on CarriRo® is the change of carrier flow line. We have received comments from the company that it is far superior to other AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles). At the company, workers in each picking area were asked to concentrate on picking alone where the CarriRo® AD (Autonomous Movement Model) with a cage-box was installed to transport to the picking area and inspection location. In addition, CarriRo® FD (follow-up model) is made to follow and a cage is attached to double the function.

As a result, we have received comments that the round-trip between the picking area and the inspection site is reduced and the walking distance of the worker has dramatically shortened.

Also, Mr. Hirano (Executive Officer East Japan Distribution Officer) commented on future developments as follows: "While we are currently using CarriRo® only at the distribution center and we are planning to use it even on the premises of the factory, which can be expected to be effective in transporting the parts and materials accepted to the manufacturing line. In the factory, the location where the parts to be loaded differs according to the day, so we are hoping that it will be possible to easily change the conveying route by using the variable type landmarks, which will greatly reduce man-hour. "

【Logistics Support Robot CarriRo®】
CarriRo® is a bogie type logistic support robot which is available in two different modes. The Autonomous Moving mode model and a Following model. The latter can be operated using a joystick to move in karugamo mode which automatically follows a beacon (transmitter). By using CarriRo®, it is possible to raise the transport productivity up to about 3 times. With CarriRo® alone you can carry baggage of up to 150 kg, CarriRo® with an optional tow jig can carry about 300 kg of baggage for 8 hours in a row, improving the efficiency of picking operations in warehouses and distribution centers. It is also possible to substitute a belt conveyor or AGV (automatic guided vehicle) by using it for inter-process conveyance in the factory. Moreover, since the work load is greatly reduced, it becomes possible for women and elderly people to carry out the transportation work which was regarded as hard labor so far, so it can be used for expanding workers and promoting employment.

【Product Web URL】 https://www.zmp.co.jp/carriro/

【Product price】 
CarriRo® FD (2018 model (following function)): 5 years lease monthly charge 28,000 yen (excluding tax) / 1 unit
CarriRo® AD (Autonomous Movement Model): 5 years Lease Monthly 52,000 yen (excluding tax) / 1 unit
Entry Package (1 CarriRo® AD, 2 CarriRo® FDs): 5 Year Lease Monthly 100,000 yen
(Excluding tax) / 3 units

【Main Specifications】

Body weight
55 kg

Width 61 cm × Depth 91 cm × Height 24 cm

* Handle part is 96 cm
Maximum loading capacity
150 kg
Maximum speed

6 km/h (Drive, Following mode)

3 km/h (Autonomous Moving mode)

250 N (equivalent to 300 kg)

​ ​* It depends on the condition of the road and boggie.
Charging time
Two and a half hours​ ​
Operating time

8 hours

* It may differ depending on the operating situation.

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