Started selling in-vehicle high power battery system for vehicle experiments

- Supplies up to 1500 W of power for data measurement and driving test using vehicles -

ZMP® PowerUnit Z (with case)

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) started the sale of high-power battery system "ZMP® PowerUnit Z" with maximum power that can be accommodated is 1500W for Autonomous Driving in-vehicle for-advanced driver assistance system vehicle experimental.

In research and development of Autonomous Driving and Advanced Safety Driving Assistance System (ADAS), a running test is carried out using a vehicle and a PC that processes the sensor and its data. For example, a PC equipped with a GPU capable of performing advanced image processing at high speed consumes 300 to 400 W of electric power and if 4, three-dimensional laser scanners used for sensing the external world are installed, power of 80 to 90 W is required. When performing image processing and measurement processing like this a lot of electric power is required and a stable power supply source that can be installed in the vehicle is required.

In addition, when you turn off the engine of the vehicle, even in situations where there is no power supply from the vehicle side, you may need to run the measurement system and require experiments and measurements. This product is a system that can supply stable power without being influenced by the state of the vehicle as described above.

The product consists of a 12V / 100Ah battery, an inverter, and a DC converter. A power supply capable of constantly supplying 500W and up to 1500W of electric power in the engine can be built in the vehicle. Electric power is supplied even when the engine is turned off within the capacity range of the battery installed in the product. It also comes with an outlet for 100 V AC for power supply that can be connected externally and can charge external battery to the battery and power to the equipment if it is stopped, such as a garage or parking lot. With a table tap mounted, you can use multiple PCs, displays, sensors and other equipment and connect them as they are.Equipment necessary for a special case is installed and usually it was necessary to route voltage converter, AC adapter, wiring, etc. to the vehicle and fix all the devices such as voltage converter, but this product by simply installing it, you can save time and labor as described above, and smooth vehicle testing will be possible.

We will start receiving orders from today with a price of 900,000 yen (tax excluded).

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ZMP® PowerUnit Z System configuration diagram

ZMP® PowerUnit Z vehicle mounted image

【Main application】
·​ ​
Experiment with actual equipment using equipment consuming large electric power
· Experiment in outdoor etc. where electric power is required

【Major features】
· Always 500 W (engine ON time), maximum power 1500 W supply power
· Integrate necessary functions as power supply device (sub battery can be detached)
· Supply 100 V AC
· Large capacity 1200 Wh
· Batteries can be replaced

【Main function】
. Over current protection (output)
. Over current protection (input)
· Can be charged with vehicle battery

【Main function】

12 VDC vehicle battery

AC 100V

Maximum output 1500 W

Constant power supply 500 W (when the engine is ON)
Sub battery
12 V (lead battery)
Sub battery capacity
1200 Wh
Charge controller
Up to 60 A charge
Safety function
Main battery protection, sub battery protection, overload protection, temperature protection
Operating temperature limit
0 to 40℃
About 940 x 360 x 342 mm
Approximately 60 kg

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