Launched IZAC® Revolution service for Autonomous Driving applications

-Innovate customer business and operation with Autonomous Driving applications-

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi, hereinafter ZMP) is offering IZAC® Revolution service in order to utilize Autonomous Driving for business and operations. It is a service that innovate customer's business through application of Autonomous Driving technology for various vehicles.

Autonomous Driving computer IZAC® logo

ZMP will launch four new categories of products and services namely IZAC® Revolution, RoboCar® & Sensor Innovation, CarriRo® Creation and RoboTest® Solutions. Among them we will provide IZAC® Revolution service as a service to bring innovation (revolution) to customers' business by applying products and technologies related to Autonomous Driving developed and accumulated so far in ZMP.

Autonomous Driving vehicle RoboCar® and the integrated Autonomous Driving Computer IZAC® developed by ZMP can be kept as base to efficiently develop customer`s Autonomous Driving technology related products. Furthermore, by offering an Autonomous Driving platform including a system that remotely monitors vehicle condition etc., we will realize commercialization by MaaS (Mobility as a Service) utilizing Autonomous Driving. We will also realize innovation of customers' businesses and operations modifying hardware and software for controlling customer`s vehicles.

ZMP has developed its own automatic control algorithm for IZAC® and other open source software for Autonomous Driving. Autonomous Driving computer IZAC® is a central platform product that plays the brains of Autonomous Driving developed and provides "recognition", "judgment", and "operation" functions of Autonomous Driving.​ ​

Application examples of IZAC® include a development project with Bridgestone Corporation to automate the operation of the tire noise test and a development project with Komatsu Ltd. to realize unmanned Autonomous Driving rough terrain carrier " Crawler dump CF-1.

With IZAC® Revolution Service, ZMP will promote the application of Autonomous Driving technology as your partner.First of all, we ask customers requests for Autonomous Driving to business / operations and we propose a feasible method including IZAC®, RoboCar® and other Autonomous Driving technologies. If necessary, we will fully support the test operation and actual operation after the phase of feasibility confirmation phase and prototype development phase.

ZMP accepts wide range of consultations on automation, agricultural machinery and construction machinery, as well as automated application and commercialization of special vehicles.We will support innovation of customer business by IZAC® Revolution.

Process example of application of Autonomous Driving technology to customers by IZAC® Revolution

【Case study of IZAC® Revolution】
■Bridgestone IZAC® Revolution example (Press release July 18, 2018)
ZMP Begins Implementation Project of Tire Tests with Bridgestone using ZMP Autonomous Driving Vehicle:​ ​

Tire Noise Tests with Autonomous Driving Vehicle

ZMP Inc. and Bridgestone Corporation have started the development project to automate the tire noise tests, one of Bridgestone’s tire performance tests. Currently Autonomous Driving of manned vehicles at Bridgestone’s proving ground has been achieved and the aim is at the implementation of SAE-Level 4 Autonomous Driving for unmanned vehicles. As of now, Autonomous Driving of manned vehicles has been achieved and the project will carry out aiming for the practical application of the tire noise tests of multiple unmanned vehicles with SAE-Level 4.

The Autonomous vehicle is powered by IZAC, the Autonomous Driving software used in ZMP’s Autonomous Driving platform vehicle, “RoboCar® MiniVan”. In addition, the vehicle also has cameras, sensors like LiDARs and map information of Bridgestone’s proving ground mounted on.

■Komatsu's IZAC® Revolution (Press release October 16, 2018)
Komatsu joins hands with ZMP to realize unmanned Autonomous Driving of "Crawler Dump CF-1" rough terrain carrier:

The Crawler Dump CF-1 unmanned Autonomous Driving vehicle

The crawler dump CF - 1 developed was demonstrated at KOMATSU's test site located in Mihama - ku, Chiba and Live broadcasting and exhibition was made public at the CEATEC JAPAN 2018 Komatsu booth scheduled for the same day.

"Crawler dump CF-1" is required to accurately reach the designated target coordinate position (hydraulic excavator or bulldozer) waiting for (coordinates, approach angle). ZMP has provided Autonomous Driving technology to realize this. We provide vehicle control technology and Autonomous Driving software which we used for developing RoboCar® series. Moreover, self-driving software IZAC development self-position estimation technology, route to the target position technology, provide inter-vehicle communication technology, automation of a series of work with hydraulic excavators and bulldozers.

【Press release article】

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