New service category RoboCar® & Sensor Innovation to promote Autonomous Driving development

- OEM Tier 1 adopted vehicle platform RoboCar® series,
Stereo camera RoboVision®, 3D-LiDAR​ ​
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ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Taniguchi Hisashi , hereinafter ZMP) has renewed its product and service system and added the category RoboCar® & Sensor Innovation.

RoboCar® & Sensor Innovation is a service that provides tools and sensors necessary for solving ADAS/Autonomous Driving development issues.

Autonomous Driving vehicle platform RoboCar® logo

In this service, we are selling tools for developing RoboCar® series vehicle platforms that can be used for Autonomous Driving development, sensors that realize Autonomous Driving recognition and development tools. Sensors include the stereo camera unit RoboVision® series and 3D-LiDAR from RoboSense.

Autonomous Driving Vehicle Platform RoboCar® series provides controllable vehicles using computers, so that customers can control and develop Autonomous Driving without developing their own vehicles themselves. In addition, we can introduce stereo camera unit and sensing tools necessary for Autonomous Driving such as 3D-LiDAR.

Conventionally, ZMP handled the Autonomous Driving vehicle platform RoboCar® series and sensors separately, but in the new category, they can be grouped into one category so that necessary information can be easily provided to customers.

Autonomous Driving vehicle platform RoboCar® series has been delivered to over 300 vehicles and has been used by OEMs, Tier 1, electric manufacturers, etc. In addition, the stereo camera unit RoboVision® series has been introduced to more than 100 companies and universities. It is adopted as a tool for R & D, Autonomous Driving and ADAS development.

ZMP will further promote your ADAS / Autonomous Driving development through RoboCar® & Sensor Innovation Service.

【RoboCar® & Sensor Innovation New Category Page】

【RoboCar® & Sensor Innovation New Category Page Features】
· Consolidate handled product categories into three types
- Autonomous Driving RoboCar® series of development vehicles
- Stereo camera RoboVision® series
- Sensor & Logger

· Sensor & logger enables sensor search by purpose
It can be selected for purposes such as surrounding environment recognition, vehicle behavior measurement, position information measurement, vehicle CAN acquisition

【RoboCar® & Sensor Innovation Product Introduction Case Introduction】

Autonomous Driving vehicle platform RoboCar® MiniVan

Until now, ZMP has sold RoboCar® series and RoboVision® series as ADAS / Autonomous Driving development tool to various enterprises.​ ​

Case study page

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