Logistics support robot CarriRo® Ride shipping started

- Starts shipping from the end of March 2019. Recruitment for partners for demonstration experiments at airport, station, shopping center, retail store -

CarriRo® Ride inside a shopping mall

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi, hereinafter referred to as ZMP) is pleased to announce the introduction of CarriRo® Ride boarding option to the CarriRo® logistics support robot.We will begin the shipping from the end of March.

Since CarriRo® can operate with a joystick on the handle part and can be operated electrically (Drive mode), by linking boarding boards, the operator can carry and move long distances without walking.

This leads to a reduction in workload in places where long distance transportation is required such as at warehouses and factories, as well as at stations, airports, shopping centers, etc. At the same time, by utilizing CarriRo® 's Following model, it is possible to carry more than one package at a time, contributing to more efficient transportation and labor saving.

Boarding boards can be purchased as "CarriRo® Ride" option with CarriRo®. Person who weigh under 100kg can ride and is able to carry upto 100kg of goods on the loading platform.

We are also looking for partners for demonstration experiments at warehouses, factories, airports, stations, shopping centers, retail stores, etc., using boarding option "CarriRo® Ride".

The boarding option "CarriRo® Ride" which cost 300,000 yen (excluding tax) will be shipped from the end of March 2019.

【CarriRo® Ride Features】
· Utilizing CarriRo® drive mode it is possible to move and carry goods without walking
· Used at Warehouse, factory as well as at station, airport, shopping center
· Easy attachment to CarriRo® bottom handle
. Capable to carry up to 100 kg and transport up to 100 km
· Maximum speed is 6 km
· Continuous operation for 8 hours is possible with charging for 2.5 hours
· The price is 300,000 yen (excluding tax)
· Start shipping from the end of March 2019

【CarriRo® Ride Page】

【Logistics Support Robot CarriRo】

CarriRo® is a bogie type logistics support robot with "Drive Mode" ,"Autonomous Moving mode "and "(Karugamo) Following mode". The Following model can be operated using a joystick to move in karugamo mode which automatically follows a beacon (transmitter). By utilizing the CarriRo® function, it is possible to raise the transport productivity up to about 3 times. With CarriRo® alone you can carry baggage of up to 150 kg, CarriRo® with an optional tow jig can carry about 300 kg of baggage for 8 hours in a row, improving the efficiency of picking operations in warehouses and distribution centers.It is also possible to substitute a belt conveyor or AGV (automatic guided vehicle) by using it for inter-process conveyance in the factory. Since the start of sales,there has been a track record of more than 100 users.The Autonomous moving mode has not only introduced in logistics bases and factories but also in service industries like hotel.

[Product Web URL]​ ​ https://www.zmp.co.jp/carriro/

【Product price】
CarriRo® FD (2019 model (Following model)): 5 year lease with monthly charge 34,000 yen (excluding tax) / 1 unit
CarriRo® AD (Autonomous Moving Model): 5 year lease with monthly charge 52,000 yen (excluding tax) / 1 unit

【Main Specifications】

Body weight
55 kg

250 N (equivalent to 300 kg)

​ ​* It depends on the condition of the road and boggie.

Width 61 cm × Depth 91 cm × Height 24 cm

* Handle part is 96 cm
Charging time
Two and a half hours​ ​
Maximum loading capacity
150 kg
Operating time

8 hours

* It may differ depending on the operating situation.
Maximum speed
6 km / h

※ Although the above specifications of "Autonomous Moving" model are basically assumed to be the same as the 2018 model (Following model).There is a possibility of change in the future.​ ​

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