Delivery robot CarriRo® Deli pre-sale begins

-Recruiting business partners, 1 company per industry and only 5 units per service business partner-

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi, hereinafter referred as ZMP) announced the limited pre-sale of the Delivery robot "CarriRo® Deli". Currently, ZMP is actively looking for partners to realize mass production of "CarriRo® Deli" that can cause labor-saving and new value creation of delivery using the robot technology. We are recruiting business partners for practical use. A maximum of 10 companies in which only one company from an industry is recruited. In this limited presale, we only sell 5 units for a service business partner.

(Upper row) 4 color variations (Lower row) 3 types of box

There are four color variations (red, silver, yellow, blue) and three types of delivery boxes (1, 4, 8 boxes) which can be chosen according to your application. (*)

ZMP provides not only the delivery robot but also a service platform utilizing CarriRo® Deli. Apart from the CarriRo® Deli body that can autonomously move, the platform includes a remote monitoring and operating system, a ROBO-HI ™ system that manages the traveling.The sale price of CarriRo® Deli will be decided based on system coverage, travel area and application.

With this limited pre sale, we will contribute the operation of the delivery service, verification of the new business model and further acceleration of the development to commercialize the service of the business partner.

Concerning "Project for Supporting Joint Development of AI Systems" under FY2017 which support venture businesses having advanced AI technologies and business entities in collaboratively developing AI systems and commercializing the outcomes of the development, an operator of this project New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) supports AI system development and assist some of the expenses required.

【About the Delivery robot "CarriRo® Deli"】


ZMP aims to create a new lifestyle with robots in solving the problem of the last one mile of logistics and supporting everyday shopping by applying the Autonomous Driving technology cultivated in the Autonomous Driving technology development of automobiles. We are promoting the development of the delivery robot "CarriRo® Deli. "CarriRo® Deli" automatically runs at a maximum speed of 6 km while recognizing the surrounding environment in 360 degrees with a camera or laser sensor. Remote monitoring/remote control is also possible. The load capacity corresponds to a maximum of 50 kg, we will support various scenarios like delivery of food, gifts, medicine, etc.


1. Provide one stop solution from system to hardware and service development
2. Compact car body (96.2 cm in overall length × 65.4 cm in width × 95.6 cm in height) and maximum loading capacity of 50 kg
3. Interactive communication with surroundings using voice and LED display
4. Depending on the application, it is possible to select the size (box type) and color.

· Delivery service within campus
· Delivery of documents and deliverable between offices
· Mobile sales at outdoor resort facilities such as golf course and tennis courts
· Product delivery at shopping mall
· Mobile sales at theme park etc.

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