Latest Autonomous Driving technology related products and services to be exhibited at AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPOSITION 2019 YOKOHAMA

- Introduces the latest products and services including RoboVision® 3, Data acquisition service RoboTest® -

ZMP Inc. in Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo (CEO, Hisashi Taniguchi) will exhibit the latest products and services at the Yokohama International Congress Center (Pacifico Yokohama) Exhibition Hall for three days from May 22 (Wed) to 24 (Fri), 2019. The products and service list includes MaaS (Mobility as a Service) development support service using technology, Autonomous Driving and ADAS development platform “RoboCar® SUV”, “CarriRo® Deli” the Delivery robot, Autonomous Driving data acquisition services "RoboTest®", "RoboVision® 3, Stereo camera used for Autonomous Driving / ADAS development " and other latest products and services.

Autonomous Driving and ADAS development vehicle platform "RoboCar® SUV"

Delivery Robot "CarriRo® Deli"

Stereo camera for Autonomous Driving and ADAS development "RoboVision®3"

Data Analysis Platform "RoboDataPlatform" (RDP)

ZMP is developing for commercialization of products and services that apply Autonomous Driving.The car platform RoboCar® series for demonstration test and researchm, development of Autonomous Driving including the Autonomous Driving technology application service using IZAC® as Autonomous Driving computer, the stereo camera RoboVision® series equipped with Sony CMOS sensor.We are developing services such as RoboTest® to support the acquisition of driving data necessary for sales, ADAS, and Autonomous Driving development.

In this exhibition, we will introduce solutions for realizing mobility services (MaaS) that utilize the Autonomous Driving technology cultivated through the development of Autonomous Driving taxi service demonstrations in central Tokyo and Autonomous Driving carried out in limited areas of the airport. We will introduce a vehicle platform for Autonomous Driving with a small EV bus model, and data measurement and analysis services for verification and driving required for the development of Autonomous Driving and ADAS equipment.

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【Autonomous Driving & ADAS development vehicle platform RoboCar® SUV】
"RoboCar® SUV" is based on a commercial SUV vehicle and is equipped with a vehicle device for Autonomous Driving (a vehicle) incorporating a ZMP control device so that a user can control by putting a control signal from an external device (PC or dedicated device).Package includes main body and development environment.Since it is possible to control the vehicle controlled by the driver (stepping on the accelerator / brake or turning the steering wheel) normally from the user's computer or dedicated device, it is possible to control the vehicle Autonomous Driving , ADAS (advanced driving support system) development and service. It can be used as a platform for developing and verifying sensors and software on actual vehicles.

【Autonomous Driving solution MaaS development support service】
Autonomous driving on MaaS combining mobility and service. To service companies who want to utilize for service development and verification, Autonomous driving vehicles, computers for Autonomous driving, remote monitoring and dispatch management systems are provided as an “Autonomous driving platform”.

【RoboVision® series stereo camera for Autonomous Driving/ADAS development】
RoboVision® 3 is a stereo camera capable of sensing a maximum measuring distance of 150 m and a horizontal viewing angle of 110 °. Images of 1920 x 1080 pixels can be measured at 30 fps, and image processing such as parallax image generation can be performed in a Linux environment.

【RoboTest® driving data acquisition solution】
RoboTest® collects and analyzes photographed images in the real world including public roads related to Autonomous Driving technology / ADAS (advanced driving support system) and driving data. It is a service that can outsource the driving test at the public roads and test facilities required for developing the ADAS related system, the collection of driving data and the construction of the data collection system.

In addition, we plan to exhibit and demonstrate the sensors and systems necessary for Autonomous Driving and ADAS technology development. During the show, we have set up a business negotiation booth.You can register from below reservation form.

【Exhibition Details】
Date: May 22nd (Wed), 23rd (Thu) 10:00 to 18:00 & May 24th (Fri) 10:00 to 17:00
Venue: Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall, Booth No: 133
Entrance fee: Free
Event Page:
Reservation form:

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